Holy intuos creative stylus 2 Batman!!!! I finally got the new wacom stylus and its freaking amaziiiiiiing!!! I’ve been so loyal to adonit that it hurts to say this… Intuos CS2 is superior than the jot touch with pixelpoint. Pros: lag almost imperceptible, the closest thing to a cintiq on the market, pressure points feels right, $79, 26 hours per charge. It works amazingly on bamboo paper (app) Cons: no compatibility with procreate (huge issue for me) works terribly with sketchbook and artrage (don’t even try). Wacom says that it will work on procreate really soon. I recommend it 100%. #wacom #intuos #creativestylus2 #adonit #jottouch #pixelpoint #ipad #stylus #pen #digital #bamboopaper #procreate

Hey guys! Here’s a timelapse (approx 4mins) from a previous painting I posted. I may revisit this again and add color but for now I’m happy with how it turned out and used it as a value study. You can see around ¾ the way I struggled a bit and erased most of it to start over. Recorded in ProCreate on iPad. Total time about 6 or 7hrs broken up over a few weeks. (Each blink in the video is when you close the program).

HOLY SANTA CLAUS! 😳 Guys! If you have an artist friend or family member and you don’t know what to get them for the holidays, well…this pressure sensitive stylus from @adonitusa is going for 50% off using Promo Code: SNOWFLAKE. I have the older model of the #JotTouch, and let me tell you, I love that thing! If you have an iPad and you’re an artist, this is a must! Especially now that it has the #Pixelpoint tech. No disc like mine does. Normally $99 going for $49! Get in on this, artist folk. It’s a steal of a deal. (No, I’m not getting paid for this. Haha) I would get it myself, if I didn’t already have the #JotTouch4 which is older but still gets the job done.

WIP of a portrait from reference on Sktchy. This is about 2hrs worth of painting. If y'all have a smartphone and a desire to get better at portraits I’d definitely suggest you download Sktchy. It’s lit a fire under my ass to get better at faces, something i needed and still need to work on. (Done on iPad Mini with an Adonit Jot Touch using the app Procreate).

First test painting with #procreatepocket and my #jottouch #pixelpoint #pen on my #iphone6 #ios Absolutely love this pen and app, and that’s even without pen support built into the iPhone version. The iPad version has better compatibility with it so I can only imagine how awesome it would be to use. *drooool*. This was a quick painting done in about 1.5 hours. #illustration #kidlitart #childrensbook


1hr value study in @procreateapp. #procreate #adonitjotpro #pixelpoint #biology #frogs #amphibians #ribbit #atxartist #austin #timelapse #artistsoninstagram #artistsontumblr (at Austin, Texas)