pixelplayground lots

A large family home that I built for the Nins in St. Claire during the spring thaw. 

After fighting with the sims on the mac side I’ve given up and am waiting for amazon to ship windows 7 to me so I can bootcamp the iMac. It really sucks that EA can’t even be bothered to put out a game that works for both Mac and PC customers where we have to resort to spending $100 on a operating system that I personally hate. /rant


I built my first penthouse sans debug shell because I couldn’t get the number of levels I needed to make this work using one of those. The exterior is ok… bugs me that I can’t use windows or find the right colour paint to fake it but there you go. At least I’m happy with the way the interior is going. Click the pictures for hi-res. I can’t figure out why this is blurring so badly when I upload it. 

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to building houses for the Nins. So far they have vacation homes in my WIP world (that is still on hiatus due to CAW), Bridgeport and Lucky Palms and a number of real estate projects in St. Claire itself. So far I think I’ve played them in six different homes not to mention the stint Misty spent travelling alone in New Riverview with nothing but the clothes on her back. 

This is an exterior shot of their most current home during the late summer and I feel like this one may stick for a while longer than the others have because I really like it. It’s based on Restoration Hardware’s Gallery at Scottsdale Quarter - a place I frequent far to much.