Heres 4 more backgrounds I made for PixelPix. I guess I’ll explain what it is since I didn’t in my last post. It’s a camera application that lets you take a photo of whatever you want, pixelize it, add filters (Like Gameboy,SNES, C64, and a bunch of others), and also put stamps and backgrounds on them. It’s really a lot of fun and it’s getting close to the final build. 

UPDATE:  Sorry I just posted the super tiny 50x50 ones, I upped the size for your viewing! 

Pixel Pix Update: 6 new filters, bigger exports, and Muzy integration

We’re very happy to announce that this weekend, Pixel Pix 1.2 hit the App Store! Pixel Pix turns normal iPhone photos into low-rez pixel art masterpieces. It has 12 colorful filters, and over 200 pre-made pixel art stickers to enhance your photo. 

The new version has 6 new filters, exports images at double the previous size, and allows you to share your pictures via Muzy, a cool iPhone photo editing app.

Pixel Pix is one of the top 1000 free iPhone apps, and has been downloaded by 20,000 people! Join the pixel party!

Week 207

Today is the last day of a big R&D project we’ve been working on since mid-March. As we wrap things up with a final round of QA, I’m busy committing all the documentation we’ve created to the project’s git repository. But after today, we’re transitioning into a holding pattern while our client takes ownership of the product and readies it for production. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to say what it actually is!

This Friday also marks the successful completion of week 2 at XOXCO for our new designer, Bushra. She has been churning out beautiful design work since she arrived: helping to define a visual identity for PROJECT SHARKY, creating an animated introduction video for SendTab, and encouraging all of us code nerds to think harder about the things we leave in and more importantly leave out of our apps. Bushra’s skill set extends far beyond traditional web design techniques, encompassing 3D modeling, motion graphics, and video editing. I cannot really explain how excited I am to have her push us forward into new and uncharted territory.

With the design taking shape, Sharky is heading towards what I hope to be an early August public beta. Damien is putting the polish on the low level features while I split my time between front end details and server API implementation. The only major blocker we have for this project is to come up with a real name and URL for it!

We decided at the beginning of this week that the R&D project that Adam’s been working on is ready to go from prototype to production. He and I have built at least four complete versions of this product using various tools and techniques (including both Ember and Backbone) and we’re now pretty confident that we can do the things we want to do and provide the level of beautiful experience and glossy interface that our clients have been asking for. Now, knowing what is and isn’t possible, we’re working on what we be the real version 1 of this platform that will hopefully see its way into a variety of products in the next year.

As for me, I’ve been experimenting with some ideas I have about creating a generic RESTful JSON API server that can easily and quickly be set up on a service like Heroku to provide a public access point for application data that would otherwise require a bespoke server application. In scenarios where the server does not need to do anything beyond store, retrieve and preset relatively simple data, why build a custom API when a flexible generic solution will do the job? I’m building this out in Node, with a Javascript client SDK that uses JSONP calls to send and retrieve data. I will probably make a sample application or two in the next few days to explore the possibilities.

Quasi-related: I found Unhosted.org and the RemoteStorage project while researching existing options for this type of service. This is a great idea - remove the data storage component from the web apps, and allow the users to literally take their data with them, storing it wherever they like instead of being required to use the app’s infrastructure. As all software moves into the cloud, we’ll need more options like this!

Last but not least, there’s been some movement towards getting a new version of Pixel Pix released. Our iPhone pixel art app has already been downloaded 18,000 times, so we’re pretty excited about rolling out new features to this established user base. Amongst other things, the next version will include a few new and very colorful filters, as well as the ability to share Pixel Pix images to in new ways. And maybe we’ll be able to convince Bushra to make a new set of stickers as well!

And that’s that for week 207 of XOXCO, Inc.