This is one of the moment during the building of my sculpture .. the guys of the garage help me a lot , they feel this progect . THEY DIDN’T WONTED TO BE PAYD FOR THE HELP THEY GAVE ME! I was in a flood of tears and i UNDERSTAND THERE IS SOME HOPE IN THE WORLD !! SAVE THE FOREST IN SUMATRA! No PALM OIL ! #splashandburn #orangutanssos #charlotte_pyatt #ernestzacharevic . Also in this project were involved some different Amazing artist like #isaaccordal #je.nk.i.ns #andersgjennestad


Rexenera Fest 2015 

In Carballo, Galicia.

- Aryz www.aryz.es
- Bordalo II (www.facebook.com/BORDALOII)
- Dulk (www.dulk.es)
- Nómada (www.cestolanacachola.org)
- Pixel Pancho (www.behance.net/PIXELPANCHO)

Management and Commissioned: Mutante Creativo (www.mutantecreativo.com)
Organized: Concello de Carballo (www.carballo.org) / Carballo a un paso (www.bit.ly/1PpNL6w)
Music: Mou (Dios Ke Te Crew) (www.soundcloud.com/mou-3)
Video: A. L. Crego (www.alcrego.tumblr.com) & Mutante Creativo (www.mutantecreativo.com)

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