I’ve always wanted to draw Kaiba and Jou from my favorite yugioh season. They are also mine and Osap’s ship from the series. While i prefer yu yu hakusho, i’ve been really thinking lately i wanted to draw them.

so this is just a small little piece after days, maybe a weeks worth of practice for kaiba and jou’s faces!

I used shutterstock, and pixelovely.com to get the poses.

i think later i’d like to try drawing Honda and Otogi and some others. ^^


Pixelovely’s site … apparently got hacked????????????? What the eff??? 

I don’t know if there’s been damage done to my computer or what because of this but I tried going on their website only to find this monstrosity… 

I’m very infuriated right now >:C

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw your sketchbook with your timed figure drawings - which website do you use? I've been using posemaniacs, but it has a small library, and I'd love to move to something new. Thanks in advance - and your drawings are great btw!

I mostly use SketchDaily and Pixelovely! There’s a pretty decent range on both those sites.

anonymous asked:

can you please link me to any sites/pages with references or warmups or advice on art? any that you know about or use? i'm having a bit of trouble finding references that are helpful to me and i love your art so i was wondering if you had any.. ty!

i actually dont use any specific sites for practicing anatomy or warmups ,i only use random references i find on google or tumblr;;; but i can link u to a few sites that i think could be helpful !!!