pixelmon daily

Why is it that I just now realized that Pixelmon Daily started out as just a fun minecraft lets play between four friends, striving to become pokemon masters and catch legendary Pokemon when all of the suddenly Stevens house burned down,causing him and Kevins started beating Sly and Aleks to death with bread. Team TFU and BBF were formed and the series turned into an all out war. TFU then started project Black Screen, built a giant tower in Daily, stole Slys Mew, had an altimate showdown, Kevin killed Aleks with his syth by pushing him off the tower with it, afterwards the tower exploded killing Steven. We then later found out it was all because Kevin brainwashed Steven in order to make things more interesting.

Biggest turn of events in Lets Play history.

ninjaskueen  asked:

just wanted to ask- how do you create your sprites ? i know what program you use but do you freehand it, or do you have a specific way that you plan it out ? your art is amazing, and as a novice pixel artist, id love to hear about some techniques from more experienced people ! thanks :) ~ the mod of @daily-pixelmon

i don’t freehand these, they’re just pixel edits. i’m not good at explaining things but this tutorial sums it up pretty nicely

my original stuff looks more like this

and i wish i had the time to do those for this blog :(