Shocked that there are still people buying from Mary Walker



She just scammed a buyer for $280, for an item (Miracle Romance Compact)  that won’t even EXIST until October at the earliest. So, the buyer is NOT covered by PayPal’s 45 day period for opening claims.

She is a KNOWN scammer, and she KNOWS that she is one. Her name is Mary Walker, Google it.

Please, never ever ever buy items from Bensalem PA.

She may sell under names like:

Why does she have so many accounts? Why not one Paypal, one eBay, one etsy? Because she is a scammer, and makes a new account  every time she is caught to continue scamming!

She currently has another Miracle Romance Compact for bid (one ended for $280 already). Basically, Mary Walker is about to make $600, and neither eBay nor PayPal can save the buyers. She will win. We need to report her auctions. 

There is NO way that Mary got her hands on ONE let alone TWO preorders for this sought-after item. 

Most of them are reportable for “outside links,” but a more suitable (for those in the know) is FRAUDULENT listing activites. Unfortunately, eBay will mostly ignore those reports. 

Her compact is reportable under listing practice->inappropriate seller terms-> presale, because she claims that the item is from her “personal collection” and does not state on the auction that it is a “preorder” that exceeds the PayPal 45 day coverage.

Thank you for reading. Pass this on. There is no reason that anyone should continue supporting this thief. 


Ebay user territerry987 is the nortorious PixelMari

Pixelmari is from Bensalem, PA and has used the alias Terry before to scam people. Looking through the ebay user’s about-me page will show some things pixelmari is known for loving, such as Shugo Chara. Someone is now out $227 dollars and if past events repeat themselves, Pixelmari will not have an item to show for this. Please pass this on.

Pixelmari scammer update

Thought I would let people know that scammer Pixelmari has a new ebay username: crystalmercuryhenshin2015. I received a message from that account about some of my auctions and it seemed suspicious. Not only is it close to usernames she has used in the past, the profile says the user is from Pennsylvania. She wanted me to change my settings so she could bid on some of my listing and checkout using PayPal as a guest. I am not responding to the message and I blocked her on ebay. Please signal boost this so people don’t get scammed.

Warning to Sailormoon toy collectors

To all of my Sailormoon collector friends who may be out of the loop:


External image

It’s Mary Walker (AKA Pixel Mari), a VERY well known scammer… she used to send empty boxes to to her customers among other things. (want to buy a $200 brooch, yet end up with an empty box and be shit out of luck?)

Do you really want to support someone like her??? 

To read more about Mary Walker (and all of her failed efforts to re-enter the Sailormoon community), check out this link: http://serasell.livejournal.com/209092.html

She even has her own Encyclopedia Dramatica page!!! (That’s when you know she’s pathetic)

Please, do NOT support her! 


If you have no idea who Pixel Mari is, google her. She is a known scammer with over 10 years of scamming under her belt.

Currently, she’s running at etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/glittergaragesales She is using an image of Adult Actress Suzuka Ishikawa as her avatar and going by the name of Terri.

Do not be fooled. This is not the first time she used someone else’s image to dupe people. Last time, she actually used a photograph of livejournal user “taiki” in order to fool people.