Style and Color: Hansel (Silver 063)
Character and Series: Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)
Used a hair styling razor on most of the wig as well as scissors and thinning sheers to refine the spikes.  Very easy to spike in the front so I didn’t need to use much g2b hair spray for the lift and hold.
Cosplayer Credit: PixelMagus (http://pixelmagus.deviantart.com/)
Photographer Credit: Nude Carbon Studios (https://www.facebook.com/NCarbonStudios?fref=ts)

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Holiday Project 2012/13 - JRPGme (Set 2/2)

Holy crap they’re all finally done.  Been working on these since November but finally got my holiday pictures finished.

A few months ago I updated my profile with this 

External image
, which essentially was myself influence by anime and video game themes and styles. Needless to say when I threw this on my Facebook, my friends hoped one day for their own. Luckily Christmas was around the corner and decided to take on a small project, which I just finished yesterday! I really wanted to do a few more friends but as just stated I finished last night and I need to get started on cosplay and Artist Alley work really soon. So extended apologies to any friends who feel they may have missed. Unfortunately due to time I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the full detailed bust my ID displays, so I made them into chibis, which is a bit quicker of a process for me. 

I then basically made a similar tarot template to Negima’s Pacto cards with each friends and loved ones birth date, zodiac symbol and element. (I have a lot of air friends). Each design is created from a 2-3 traits, personal interests or individual item that stuck out from each person and defined their character which I then used in designs and color. Their names are either a personal nickname or online persona, so some are kinda weird XD I may open these and the full busts open to commissions if enough people get interested but for now enjoy the holiday pictures.

If you like what you see, check out my Deviant ART page here: http://pixelmagus.deviantart.com