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any chance you could post basic msp tips?

heres a p good tutorial (the first trick is the MOST importanta and useful)

this one shows how to make gradients

other shit(i have like, not the old version but like the updated old version or smth of mspaint so this info might be outdated idk how new mspaint works):

  • if you go under image > invert colors > then go under image again > attributes > colors > change to black and white (>ur probably gonna want to invert the colors again lol) : you can remove all colors except black!! 
  • before you start drawing, if you go under attributes > colors > switch to black and white you have a whole different set of dot brushes that are p nice for doing cool pixelly shading. you cant use colors or even greys tho

thats all i got rn theres more shit tho i think maybe i’ll make my own bullshit tutorial someday lol

ive been messing around with the image upscaling thing and using the thumbnails of some of my deviantart stuff

and they turned out kindof nice looking??? probably because they dont look as pixelly

putting them under the readmore so i dont make this a long post

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Redoing the save-icon generating code, and now I have the choice between a nearest (pixelly-blocky) filter and a linear (blurry) filter, but I’m not sure which one to use.  The nearest looks more pixel/inline with the style, but you can sorta tell what’s going on better in the linear one.

So which do you think looks better, File 2′s saveicon or File 3′s?

Lapis!Pacifica from the Crystal Pines AU–AU is by (and the art is for) merrigel, hope you had an awesome birthday! Happy b-day to crispystar too, you both are amazing people and artists (crispy, I wanted to draw you something too but gah I might have to do it later ;w; forgive my weak self)

Eh, not the best art I’ve done, but pretty good xD

It’s tiny because I put it on a bigger canvas after finishing due to the fact that the drawing was tiny and there was extra white space–I cropped it, and didn’t want it to be all pixelly and blurry and zoomed in so yeah

forgive me lol

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Can you explain the song situation and why Audrey's getting dragged? I'm Canadian and couldn't buy my beloved LFs this year ;-;

oh boy, I’ll give it my best shot! but it’s all very messy and I may not even get it all right, but I’ll give you my understanding of it. basically, James made this little song that he wanted to sing during the pov ceremony when he put Jace on the block, it was like, “long hair don’t get, sit your ass in the chair” or something similar. yesterday, James learned that Jace knew about the song and everything blew up from there. James was questioning the group that he shared the song with, and they were all trying to figure out who that “rat” was that would have filled Jace in on the song. Audrey, who normally is all for going to the source and confronting people, was acting really sketchy about it, she just wanted to drop it and made everyone in the group suspicious that she was the “rat” (I think what actually happened was James was singing the song in the open and Vanessa heard it, and told Jace. or something like that idek). anyways, idk how caught up you are if you haven’t been watching the feeds, but Audrey has been crazy paranoid and has been talking game constantly, spreading lies and rumors, and just unintentionally putting herself on everyone’s radar. today, she’s been laying super low, I’ve barely seen her interacting with anyone, and I think she’s trying to turn things around for herself. but basically everyone in the house is aware that she is in a million alliances, and has been the root of a ton of excessive drama in the house the past few days.