Explaining the world by photography - here:

‘Mythos’ is not just the Greek term for English 'Myth’, but the name for a Greek beer, too. So, it is possible to see in this unedited wonder of modern world’s artifical digital pixelisation a proof, that a myth is nothing more than an empty beer bottle, upside down and put into an empty beer glass, hold by a modern world’s scientist’s right hand.

Need more explanation of the world? Ask - the solution is near!


Chapter 2: A 5-year-old Mika is still having fun on DaVoiceMan (English Subtitles)

Part One available here

Link & Backup Link (if needed,I suggest you to use the vimeo one as I won’t bet on the youtube one to stand the night)

Again, subtitles by me so sorry for the mistakes. 

So here it is. between two Pixelised Super Mario Cover announcements xD. I don’t think it’s “as good” as the first one - this is not me fishing for compliment, this is the simple fact that Battles and Live shows gave me far less material. Also, I should say that I didn’t plan to do a follow-up. I made it because I was asked a lot (and it was quite overwelming and sweet and warmful and thanks to all of those who have commented everywhere by the way. Really, You can’t begin to imagine how moved I was) but then in a way, it felt less natural as I was doing it. But I still had lots and lots of fun so it shouldn’t be that bad to watch either :p.

Meet Yasuo, The Pixel Blade featured in a really huge Pixel-League #318! I hope you like this bigger pixelisation of our fellow hunted swordsman. Or is he the hunter?

And big thanks to the fellows from C-Wars - really, take a look at their awesome Kickstarter-campaign. I borrowed their character design for this Yasuo.

What do you think? Is this style cool? Should I pixelate more champions this way? Or create a gif in this style?