a pixel process-tutorial as requested by anons! please click the images to read!

and here is the finished product! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

(character is Sayaka Maizono from Dangan Ronpa, credit me if you use please!)

Software used : Paint Tool SAI
Brush : Binary / Pixel brush set to 1 px
Time : 2 hours

now let’s go over some tips of pixel art!

  • keep your canvas size between 0 - 400 px. it’s easier to see the lines more clearer in SAI.
  • look at the above. this is very important. do NOT make ‘chunky lines’ when doing pixel art. it doesn’t look very good when you do. you always want to have pixel lineart that is crisp and doesn’t overlap. 
  • now look at the color scheme. see how it all blends well? nothing is uber bright? yeah, you want to have a scheme like that. don’t use super bright colors unless you wanna stress someone’s eyes. try going midtone. do not go super bright. dim your color choices (literally. make em more dull looking).
  • see that above affect? it’s called dithering. a lot of RPGMaker chip/charsets use this effect. here’s how you can do it.

and that’s all i have to say! thank you for readin’! (^ v ^)b

well, here are those MS pixels all of you asked for!  they were really fun and easy to make, so feel free to use them for your ~*MYSTERY FAMILY*~ or in other places! just credit me please! also, here’s the animated music video if you haven’t seen it yet!

actual size:


i did it! pixel arting is very fun :>

some other advice that wasn’t included in the above :

  • sometimes looking at how other people pixel art helps! don’t copy them though, just study how they do their coloring and lining and all that.
  • stick with a small file size. suggestion : don’t go anywhere past 500 x 500 px. it’ll make the file look somewhat blurry far away.

that’s pretty much all to say on that matter!

also, here is the Mari sprite. u w u

Mari is from Drawn To Life -> 5th Cell

[Pixels!] HS - Suggested Pixels

[its best to view these on my blog or something so this post doesn’t stretch yer dash while ya look at them!!]

they’re all free to use just like all the other pixels i’ve made just in case if ya didn’t know already!


i tried avoiding tumblr all day………. it only worked for like, 10 hours

anyways, i thought today would be a great day to just devote my time to my games, so i made pixel portraits that might,,,, be in PP!

 i’ll go back to commissions tomorrow! (` ^`)b

dangan ronpa pixel art avatars!

yo i tried to made everybody from here!!!! below is a full image (hawh), but under the cut are single sprites so i don’t stretch everybody’s dash!!!

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