hi everynyan! (つ•̀ᴥ•́)つ*:・゚✧ would you want to commission a pixel like this???

well, now you can!!! i have {Detailed Pixel Bust} commissions for FIVE SLOTS at a time! please read over the above if you wish to commission me for a QUICC PIXEL.

what you will get:

➤ a detailed pixel at it’s original size. (see: the one in this description.)
➤ said pixel resized in HD between 300 to 400%.

you can either:

send me a DM via Tumblr OR Twitter.
 email me at rinderboxing@gmail.com
➤  if you EMAIL me, you must title the subject of the email as “Pixel Bust Commission.”
➤ you must send me a REFERENCE SHEET if you want your OCs drawn.

my paypal is rinderboxing@gmail.com and currency is USD. all payment will be made through  there!!!

welp, that’s about it! thanks for reading!


  1. open!
  2. open!
  3. open!
  4. open!
  5. open!

well, here are those MS pixels all of you asked for!  they were really fun and easy to make, so feel free to use them for your ~*MYSTERY FAMILY*~ or in other places! just credit me please! also, here’s the animated music video if you haven’t seen it yet!

actual size:


i tried avoiding tumblr all day………. it only worked for like, 10 hours

anyways, i thought today would be a great day to just devote my time to my games, so i made pixel portraits that might,,,, be in PP!

 i’ll go back to commissions tomorrow! (` ^`)b


i tried creating a lineless sprite for PP! since i’ve been doing it with a top secret video game project i’m part of. i kept the ‘FAKE STYLE’ type of proportions (i guess) but mixed it up with my own so it doesn’t look as cartoony as Chai’s style-shift sprite. not sure if i’ll keep the nose (ノ・д・)ノ also i tried the 'front-facing’ kind of sprites, where characters’ eyes will be facing the viewer (kinda like some of DR’s sprites?). i get a lot of creative flow with lineless sprites. ┌|*゚o゚|┘

i wanted to get opinions on how it looks before i make the change! what do you guys think?