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Every time I see your blog I think of one of my favorite songs and I always wonder if you named her after it? Marceline-by willow ?

I will definitely listen to it! I just love the name and I wanted to call her marsy, mars, marcie, marzipan you know… also Marceline the vampire queen from adventure time is half demon and so is your girl.

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a really really long time as there are/have been so many simblrs out there who have inspired me or shown me kindness over the last 2 years and I feel like it’s time to say thank you to those people! 

Everyone on this list is someone I would never dream of unfollowing and each and every one of them deserve nothing but the best! Some are newly followed, some I’ve followed since I very first started my simblr back in 2015, but all of them are great! 

Anyway; on with the follow forever!  

a - b - c

@andromeda-sims | @adorablesimlove | @butterscotchsims | @bsimth | @blarffy | @blursims | @butterbunss | @boocreek@brntwaffles | @bonehlda | @bratfish | @cupidjuice | @cocooni | @crimsonsims | @ceiuu | @cabsim | @citrontart | @calexasims | @ceomi | @cat-nerd-sims | @comfysim 

d - e - f

@deetron-sims | @dank-owski | @daffysims | @early-grape | @eldrberries | @faeflowr | @flirtypotion | @foxbie | @fatpandasims 

g - h - i

@gabreux | @ghardenia | @gnomesims | @hsilmis | @heartsickpixels | @icarusim | @ivo-sims | @inabadromance 

j - k - l

@jalannah | @johnnyzest | @jenba | @leeleesims1 | @kotiij | @kabunasims | @kkelpcake | @litttlecakes | @laenyrie | @lyriumsims | @lunarr-sims |   @littlecrisps | @lukesplumbs | @liubez | @lifefroot

m - n - o

@meisiu | @moon-craters | @maimouth | @mundanefaerie | @mangosim | @magnolianfarewell | @mamalovesnuts | @mysimblruniverse | @mysteriousdane | @maxvillareal | @malcolmlandgraab | @madoof |  @nolan-sims | @necrospirits | @nullmoonsims | @nadinemaee | @noonicorn | @ohhiplumbob | @omniplant | @ohare-lane | @ohkai-sims | @our-dazed-sims

p - q - r

@peonypyxels | @pickypikachu | @pixelateddust | @pixeldots | @plumbobbles | @pxeldoll | @plumboops | @pxelbun | @pink-tea | @pxeldaisy | @publicwoohoo | @quakezone | @riice | @rinvalee | @ratboysims | @raspberi | @randomcoffeesimmer | @roseville-sims

s - t - u

@sammyshuno | @sim-bubble | @simblob | @soneasims | @simduction | @simster | @simmenycricket | @simsao | @sweetformysims | @simsy-baby | @simkabob | @simreaper | @simemi | @simpeaches | @sandy-sims | @simvy | @shysimblr | @skadisim | @simmamonwaffles | @suzychi-sims | @sebastianvictorian | @simprising | @sunnyfriendell | @squeamishsimmer | @stargirl-sims | @smubuh | @simkath | @soulfulsim | @touchmypixels | @trillyke | @toddlers-and-tiarras | @theplumbobarchitect | @teanmoon | @tea-sims | @thefoxandhersimblr | @toadsims | @theartofqueenie

v - w - x

@wanderingsimmer | @wildlyminiaturesandwich | @wrixles | @weepingsimmer | @wrenpity | @womrats | @wyattssims

y - z

@yaaro | @zauglom

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. On my simblr journey I have found many great simblrs that I think should have more recognition for their hard work, pretty pics and cute stories. Especially with simblreen, I found a lot of newer and smaller simblrs, and I wanted to do this because I have *some* followers so if I can help anyone get more attention, I’m here for it! If you’re ever wondering who to follow, check out these guys! 

  • Here’s some of the simblrs I think deserve more followers: 

@alpurra 💓 @pricklysims​ 💓 @tangandzing 💓 @absinthe-sims​ 💓 @pinkpxls 💓 @tigerellasims 💓 @pridesim 💓  @siilhouette 💓 @cowplante 💓 @loudphase 💓 @captaingalaxycake 💓 @mrsbobpancakes 💓 @eefahsims 💓 @bluestsim 💓 @shyrensims 💓 @blissims 💓 @grolda 💓 @simshaven 💓 @wandering-simblr 💓 @bubblyquinn 💓 @bullsim  💓  @crazyplumbaby 💓 @pixelateddust  💓 @adelajde21​  💓 @plumingle​ 💓 @simcataris​ 💓 @simseasons​ 💓 @whiteplumbobs​ 💓 @xsavannah987x​ 💓

* These are in no way the only simblrs I think deserve more followers. 

*I hope no one takes offense in this, I just really like your blogs and want more people to see them. Also, I can maybe do a post like this whenever I find out new blogs, if people are into it.  

Thank you for being you ♥

Hey, guys! I’m sorry I’m not very talkative these days, after everything that happened I feel deadly tired and kind of unable to take in everything that happens here, if you know what I mean. But I wanted to tell you that you’re awesome, your blogs are awesome and I’m enjoying them immensely! Also, thank you so much for supporting me, for your words and prayers, for everyone who liked my personal posts, or commented on them, or sent me messages. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to everyone, but it truly meant the world to me, to know that you care. So thank you so much! I don’t really know how to express my gratitude to you rather than with a lot of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and HUGS!

@chillissims, @adorablesimlove, @plumbobulous, @unicorninthemosh, @linds-sims, @simlydarling, @aliendsunite, @psychoticcoven, @theplumbobarchitect, @108sims, @melien, @plummora, @sandy-sims, @kharmy-y, @simojenn, @icriedtheverse, @beverlyallitsims, @literallywhothe, @myopiccc, @furiouslydecaffinated, @neutralsupply, @the-ramblings-of-a-ravenclaw, @simminglychic, @igglemouse, @mangoruby, @mysimblruniverse, @pixelateddust, @neopixiesims, @simsphony-of-plumbobs, @wifemomsimmer, @churrosims, @lexivita, @lovelychooser, @simwithsparkles, @randomcoffeesimmer, @simsfvr, @neutralsupply, @pixeltrashcan, @authenticdragontears, @eslanes, @fatpandasims, @simcataris, @romeo-and-simulet, @simsomedia, @tinwhistletoo.

Everything is getting better. Granny’s tests are pretty good so far *knocks on wood*, and the company I work for gave me a raise so now I’m able to support my family without changing my job. We’re slowly returning to our routine after that earthquake of a month. It’s still hard to breathe sometimes though. Anyway, thank you for sticking with me! I will return to posting Argyles when I feel okay with drama writing, meanwhile I really hope you don’t mind Simming Books.