Pixel art lockscreens  

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Help Wanted 2: Electric Boogaloo!


We’re sorry for not updating as much as before. We’re still working on the game, it’s just that we’ve been going a bit slower on progress because of real life affairs.  And that we’re just getting kinda lazy on posting progress.

Anyways, back to business! Progress has been going steady for us, but we wanna speed things up. To do that, we need of another pixel artist that is good with tiles and backgrounds! As you can see with the screenshot above, we’re currently using plain blocks and colors as placeholders. We’ve managed to get a lot of the animations and effects finished. 

As always, if you’re interested or if you want to learn more, please feel free to message! And if you know anyone who’s interested themselves, please tell them too. Thank you!


here’s the process for latest pixel art !