pixelated toys


Pixel Chix Toy Commercial (~2005)

Hey !, I’ll be making some gifs and animations for Tumbrl and Youtube, my main works go exclusively to Youtube. While others like this I use these sites to share.

If you want to see more content like this, I’ve opened a patreon so I can improve my tools, and who knows, not starve in the meantime, having to stop my projects to complete more jobs.


Hey guys, check out these weird 2007 McDonalds(?) toys that I own. I’m pretty sure that they’re cursed. Also, I’m missing Sportacus, so if anyone out there has an extra, hmu. 

Edit: Also, @rotten-boii has informed me that they never made Stingy, and now I am devastated. How could they just leave him out? I still believe Stingy himself is out there somewhere with All The Stingys. He’s never let anyone have any, so we think they don’t exist… but some day that treasure trove will be discovered, and it will be a pile of Stingys that reach into the stratosphere.