pixelated partner

LazyTown Headcanons

- Robbie Rotten is a supertaster. He’s hyper-sensitive to anything remotely bitter tasting, so because every vegetable and fruit he’s tries (all of like 5 times in his life probably) has tasted terrible to him, he’s written off everything remotely healthy.

- Sportacus is asexual. He doesn’t think of it in those terms, or think of it much at all really, but he is. He really enjoys heavy kissing though, and would happily agree to intimacy with a partner.

- Pixel has a crush on Stephanie. Just. The worst crush. He can’t even talk one-on-one.

- Trixie also probably has a crush on Stephanie and is about as capable at it as Pixel is. She won’t realize it until she’s nearly an adult.

- Robbie being a musician (or at least musically inclined) makes him really attractive to elves. The general unhealthiness and machinery-related lifestyle are detterents, but the music thing is a huge bonus.

- Speaking of elves, Sportacus tries to keep his identity as one a secret from the kids… not because they don’t know about elves (this is a world with canonical trolls) but because he thinks it’d make his fitness and health less of a role model for them. He can do like 50 backflips in part because he’s an elf, yes, but humans can do it too and he wants them to be encouraged to try to be the best they can be, not write it off as “oh Sportacus can do that because he’s an elf”.

- Also, trolls. Trolls and elves…. do not get along. Sportacus was genuinely shocked and alarmed to find one in LazyTown (“Where’d you get the troll?”) but it’s a baby so he can’t exactly be mean to it. He was, however, really relieved when they got it the hell out of LazyTown.

- Sportacus can’t drink coffee. Tea yes, but not coffee. It makes him nauseous.

- Someone tells Sportacus about veganism and he gets really excited and happy until he realizes no honey and no heavy cream. He tries it for about 4 months before breaking.