Will you be my valentine, Chocolate Golem? ⊟

I NEED to have this guy in my life. It’s the latest concoction from Luida’s Bar, the Dragon Quest-themed cafe in Tokyo. This mix of chocolate and opera cake will join the dessert menu for the next month, in honor of Valentine’s Day and the Japanese release of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 for 3DS.

From now on, when people ask what my favorite kind of food is, I won’t answer with something boring like Chinese food or French cuisine. With a glint in my eye, I’ll tell them my favorite is Dragon Quest monster food, yes, meals that have been fashioned to look like monsters from Dragon Quest, right before I float away into the sky, leaving this limited world to search for something more in the cosmos. … Yeah, that’s what I’ll tell them.

Since I brought up Dragon Quest, I have to point you to my second-favorite new Tumblr, Pixel Digest. It’s a blog about neat sprites, backgrounds, animations, and tricks with pixels in games, and I love it. The latest entry  shares a clever trick TOSE employed in Dragon Quest III for the Game Boy Color to make the game look far better than it should have despite the system’s limitations.

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