Dropping another Pixel Digest preview here.

I decided to put a hold on Huge Hermit because I’m sick as a dog and in my off-time, I’ve been playing some Breath of Fire.

PlayStation games are always a struggle to animate correctly because it’s hard to get the correct frame data from any of the available emulators or tools. It’s not as easy as say, Game Boy Advance or Neo Geo where you can frame advance and get the correct data instantly. I still haven’t found a perfect way to do PlayStation stuff, so no matter how accurate I try to make it, there’s still a level of guessing involved.

EDIT: After what seemed like forever, painstakingly trying to find a fix for getting the correct frame data, I finally figured out a method that works. Now I can animate the frames with in-game accuracy!

Note: The Hard Goodbye

Earlier this week, I decided that after 3 long years, it’s time to close the doors on Pixel Digest for good, and as such, I’m also in the process of taking down my Patreon donation service. The blog will remain as-is, but will no longer be updated outside of some remaining house cleaning throughout the upcoming week.

There’s a couple of reasons why I’ve decided to close up shop, but the biggest factor would be cynicism. Over the years, the enthusiasm I’ve had in working on Pixel Digest has given way to the idea that it’s a thankless job and not something I want to sink my every waking moment into. When a follower recommended starting up a donation jar, I thought that would be a good idea to see whether or not a blog like this was something that people valued, and evidentally, it’s not.

To the 5 people who did contribute though, Graham, Oldtaku, Finbeard, Hargrimm, and the last person who is going to remain anonymous, thank you so much for donating! Even though things didn’t pan out, I’ll be in contact with you folks to see if I can show my thanks somehow!

It’s been a fun ride, though! When I started Pixel Digest so long ago, I could only reliably grab assets from Game Boy Advance titles, but now I can do anything from Nintendo to PlayStation 2. Having the tools and skills on hand to study all kinds of games is something I’m thankful for, even if it’s not a particularly useful skill.

I’ll be leaving you with these animations from various posts that won’t come to fruition. Thanks everyone for over 3 years of continued readership! Perhaps we’ll meet again in another time and in another place!

anonymous asked:

1. Since you've ripped a bunch of Boktai, do you happen to know how the game handles the clock-based coloring of outside areas? Is it simply a matter of assigning different palettes to the same graphics?
2. Can you recommend any other tumblrs/blogs about pixel art, specifically ripping graphics and analysis of commercial work?

While I can’t claim to know this as fact without diving into the code itself, I think you hit the nail on the head regarding the clock-based backgrounds and their palettes. When you’re viewing the maps, all the addresses and graphic data are the same, which means that the game isn’t looking through different graphic banks for these assets.

As far as recommending other blogs about Pixel Art, I really don’t know of any, sorry! I made Pixel Digest for that exact reason, actually. None of my friends knew of a good blog that discussed things like this and pushed me into making one. If anyone has recommendations though, I’d love to hear about them so I can give some shout-outs!

EDIT: While it’s not the same as what I deal with, Luminathe has recommended the blog Ultrace, which contains a lot of really nice art and information regarding the games they’re from. Another blog I consistently enjoy is Obscure Video Games, a blog that deals in the most bizarre games. Even a hardcore gamer is sure to find at least one title that they’ve never heard about!

quigonjoe-deactivated20140714  asked:

Your blog is the greatest xD I mean, who else creates the content you do? (seriously tho)

Thanks for the compliment!

There’s a number of other oddly specific videogame tumblrs out there which also create content like I do. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the ones I know about (EDIT: I’m gonna add new ones at the bottom as I find out about them):

There’s also a few notables that seem to have gone defunct:

  1. crossing a line is a bunch of weird clothing for animal crossing characters
  2. Please Press Start is nothing but title screens

In addition, I think these two are in a similar enough vein:

  1. Rankoban is a collection of classic tankōbon covers
  2. Context-Free Patent Art has a lot of videogame-related patents in it’s material. It has officially ended posting new material.

It’s not a tumblr, but Dead End Thrills is a curated set of beautiful screenshots and renderings from games.

And while this one isn’t game-related at all, I’m also gonna point out the crazy good motion graphics blog some friends of mine run, Motion Addicts

There are almost certainly more tumblrs out there that are similarly focused on weird, overlooked parts of games, but I don’t know about them.

There’s also plenty of room on here for you guys to start your own! Think of a topic that’s common in games but largely accepted as background noise and then go out and document it. I saw somebody on the Kotaku thread about us who wanted a blog about underwater levels in games, and I think that’s a brilliant idea!

I want to overrun tumblr with oddly specific videogame blogs.

EDIT: Ones I found out about after this post originally was posted are here.