For the past week, I’ve been working on some monster art in my spare time for a small Game Boy homebrew that I’ll be working on with my friend, Andy “Overkill”. I’ve been so busy with this that I haven’t been able to get any work done on Pixel Digest!

Loading up some test ROMs.

The process to actually get everything looking good has been tough. It’s one thing to come up with colour palettes that work on a computer screen and emulator, but those same colours may look like trash on an actual Game Boy LCD. Purples, for example, are so washed out that they almost become non-existent. You have to find very particular shades and hues to make them noticeable, and sometimes those don’t translate well to the computer screen, becoming too saturated or bright.

Smacking the soul out of a Spooktacular Spirit!

Although we’re just getting started on the programming end, the project already feels so alive and packed with character.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Dropping another Pixel Digest preview here.

I decided to put a hold on Huge Hermit because I’m sick as a dog and in my off-time, I’ve been playing some Breath of Fire.

PlayStation games are always a struggle to animate correctly because it’s hard to get the correct frame data from any of the available emulators or tools. It’s not as easy as say, Game Boy Advance or Neo Geo where you can frame advance and get the correct data instantly. I still haven’t found a perfect way to do PlayStation stuff, so no matter how accurate I try to make it, there’s still a level of guessing involved.

EDIT: After what seemed like forever, painstakingly trying to find a fix for getting the correct frame data, I finally figured out a method that works. Now I can animate the frames with in-game accuracy!