In Virgo, picking whichever Zodiac Quality you’ll build upon will also unlock different paths and conversations with the Zodiacs! You’ll have the possibility to check which Zodiac you can talk, and how much of a stat you need to unlock the conversations!

Inside specific areas, the conversations may take place. Depending on Stat checks, different Zodiac Signs will appear at different times to talk about different subjects.

For example, you may unlock Sagittarius even before you visit her realm if your Mutable stat Versatility is high enough, since Sagitarius is a Mutable sign. As in Virgo you can control the stat growth with a variety of ways, you’ll be able to see your favourite Zodiacs first as well!

These conversations may or may not affect progress. Perhaps befriending a sign before invading her realm will bring nasty consequences during her bossfight or they’ll have more mercy on Virgo, but I won’t tell the specifics just yet~

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It’s been nearly 2 months since the beginning of this blog, and… 700 followers! HURRAY! Really, I couldn’t predict Virgo would get so much attention so fast >_< I’m super glad! I wanted to also let you know, the demo is nearly finished! I couldn’t launch it this month due to changes on the boss fight (I literally changed the whole thing these days), and the adition of more scenes due to a change of style (now it’s in pixel art), which made possible for me to have more of them on the game (helping a lot on story telling!). The game feels way more complete like this, and I’m FINALLY 100% satisfied with how everything is now! Of course, I still need to send the demo for some people to playtest, and my musician, but I’m almost there!

Okay, so it’s not my BEST animation… but it’s passable. I did a bad thing and started with the outlines for the baseball when I really should have gone for the shapes first… like the shadow shapes, etc. I’ll do that next time, or maybe I’ll end up taking another shot at this baseball idk. I feel like he should NOT be this hard to animate…..

….I also think he shouldn’t need 8 frames… 6 maybe. Oh well, it’s good practice and I needed an animated battler besides Sam to mess around with.