pixel watch

That’s one of my favorite moment ever see how enlighten his eyes are? aah that was cute! 

 I’m completely well now I can sit and draw so more is to come! 

This is my take on a reproduction of a @playchoices‘ screenshot 😊 I should have animate it as well dang it ! 😂 Jake Mckenzie is also a playchoices’ character! 

for contest by @lozartshttp://lozarts.tumblr.com/post/156980257005/breath-of-the-wild-art-contest

time lapse progress video here: https://youtu.be/GJNv81W6zlk https://youtu.be/GYNRob7w6iw fixed

i had a lot of fun with this. you guys should totally enter. :O closes march 1

You guys I made my first actual pixel art thing aaah it’s a mcfucking kitchen you guys have I told you how much I love kitchens they’re so nice

Isometric art has always been my favorite thing For Forever (deh anyone?) so ya I’m trying to stop spamming everyone with su trash bc I know not everyone following me wants that flooding their dash idk I don’t post that often anyways but whatever