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Lucky you, you get one more post today. I was tagged by the lovely @simmeronnie, so thank you, and let’s get onto the questions.

Favourite season: I’m a winter baby through and though. Give me the cold, and the snow. I’ll take it all. 

Favourite book/author: Well, my favourite book is Peter Pan, so that answers that one. My favourite author though is a little harder. I buy 90% of J.K.Rowling’s stuff, and I’m really into Tolkien, so who knows. I’m a lover of all books and authors.

Favourite song: For me this is easy. It’s ‘The End of all Things’ by Panic!, and I love it, so very much. Paramore’s ‘After Laughter’ album is probably my favourite album, which I know isn’t the question but that is such a good album for people with mental health issues.

Favourite food and drink: I’m going to go very English for the drink, and say tea. Food, anything carbs based. Bread, pasta, rice, they are all good.

Dogs or cats: Give me cats any day of the week. I say that with currently owning a doggo, whom I love, but cats are just infinity better.

Now for the tagging, well, @romeo-and-simulet, @pirouettingplumbobs/@frolickinggnomes, @teekapoa, and anyone else who’d like to do this.

I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  

more theatre gothic

you’ve vacuumed the scene shop at least three times. there’s somehow more sawdust than before

the director puts you in charge of locking up and turning on the ghost light. you turn on the ghost light and lock up. as you leave the building, you don’t remember whether or not you turned the ghost light on

the arbors in the fly rail clang. there is no one in the show rail

the mannequin has been in the green room for too long. she’s always striking a pose. her hand is on backwards. where is her leg

the hair techs say they’re almost done but they keep brushing and braiding. you didn’t know you had that much hair

the director changes the blocking. the stage manager marks it down. the next day the director forgets the blocking changed. the stage manager looks down at their notes—there was never a blocking change

the lights are focused. everything is still kind of hazy

“sound s, go.” everyone forgets it’s a silent cue. why did we program a silent cue

the mic table isn’t where it should be

the props master is missing. the actors can’t find their props. all the props are missing too

an actor forgets their line. a single audience member claps softly

the asm waits for their cue but all they hear is static. the show closed two days ago

an actor misses their entrance. you can’t find them in the theatre. you check the cast list. they were never in the show

(insp. @thisturtleisneon)

a soft boy