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//throws confetti

Not my usual polish, but I wanted to [very roughly] spruce up this doodle a bit by throwing on some color/effects to the scan.

(Just another doodle I made in the last several weeks of regularly getting to/from that facility I go to for groups. In case you wanted to see the other two sketch dumps, they’re just nameless characters: there’s this and there’s that.)


Mental wounds not healing, who and what’s to blame?

It’s better than a sex scene and it’s so fucking obscene, obscene yeah!

Hungry for love, and it’s feeding time!

Step back and watch it flow, yeah!

Gang’s all here. Aw heck it, y’all can use these as avatars as long as you credit me!

All they know is eat, kill, multiply.

Okay, this is as done as it’s going to get… ‘m just happy I get to move on to another project at this point, because I took entirely too long on this one.

That said, Sergeant Calhoun is probably my fave character in the movie and it was p fun drawing her.

(I’ve also drawn up Vanellope, in case anyone missed that and would like to see if I did anything else for this fandom.)