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Doubletale: Part 2

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Scene 1:
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after a slight delay, here’s the second part of my Doubletale comic! looks like no one was expecting this development - but just what happened to bring these four together?

this is how “scenes” will look, moving forward! a bit of experimenting led me to this - should allow slightly quick updates while still letting me play with gifs and the like. let me know if you’re interested, i’m thinking about contining it past these next few intro strips if there’s at least a little interest ^^


I’m officially an asshole of a secret santa; not only am I 24 hours late at delivering my present, I bring you WizTail angst! >:D

Forgive me pixel-shock for being late; feel free to spank me, but first allow me to wish you happy holidays! I hope you had an amazing Christmas this year!! =D I got some trouble getting ideas, but hopefully this isn’t terrible. When I saw you liked WizTail (even if it wasn’t priority), I thought perhaps that was something I could work with.

Christmas in Japan is the Day you spend time with the person you love the most. While Tailmon and Wizarmon can’t be “together”, I thought they could be united by their thoughts, and Wizarmon could be present in spirit. Not only that, Tailmon is rescuing the kitty the same way she rescued Wizarmon in the past, when they first met.

♣ KAMIJO ♣  闇夜のライオン (Yamiyo no Lion) part 1/2