pixel proposal

is this old news or is no one talking about the reddit place thing

reddit has a white canvas that any user can place one color pixel per 5/10 minutes

there’s currently negotiation fucking treaties between corners and patterns (which by the way have their own subreddits)
and official allies/enemies and propaganda and cults

theres a dude pixeling a marriage proposal, the fucking blue corner has taken over everything (but lost in a battle with purple for the top left corner) there’s intense strategy regarding the rainbow, people trying to make a black border around the whole thing, the center is a void of white 

there is also whatever the fuck this is

im terrified of it but it seems allied with the trans flag so i can trust it for now

#Choicescreates Prompt 5 : Mirror

« When I look at you I swear I can see myself »

Chris and Zig are very alike. They went through similar rough patches, they’re both clumsy because they both think they do not deserve what they have (Zig a bit more than Chris). Sebastian compared them both to “muscular apes” because they’re ripped, and they both want to shape a better future for themselves. They both had to man up because their dads bailed on them thus making them taking care of their moms and their siblings. We can say they does share a thing or two, it’s not like looking into a mirror but to me there is a thin line between their differences! I don’t know if I interpreted the prompt correctly but that’s what came to my mind!

They should definitely work on the motion forward on! I truly hope Zig will show up,

For this picture here is what I wanted, they are about to give the presentation for the second motion proposal. Chris lost hope of Zig showing up but he actually does, a cigarette in his mouth to ease himself and ready to even give Chris a prep talk about not stuttering too much. Aaah man I love this piece a lot, special thanks to @kittenmusicals for helping out during my “crisis” !

I swear I can draw Chris and Zig without models now, I may be a creep haha!

@hollyashton & @cartoonfanforlife this is my entry for this week I hope I’m not too beside the point !

Chris powell and Zig belongs to @playchoices the art belongs to me!

That is it for me ! 😊 

Please can these guys start a bromance? 😂

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This is the very beautiful and unique story about a singular proposal way.

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Robert Fink work as a 3D artist in the games industry at a company called SuperGenius, Angel is a boss sauce web developer and they both share a great passion for gaming.
They have a cat btw…

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(Isn’t she beautiful?)

“She continues playing, ten or so minutes later, she is nearing the whole end sequence and my heart feels like its about to splode, I’m falling apart. Getting it together while she is realizing what the hell is going on was one of the most intense moments of my life. Then it was a blur, all of a sudden I was fumbling around for the ring, in this velcro bag making all sorts of noise, I get down on one knee…. she’s all teary eyed, I’m teary eyed, she gets to just before the end and I’m like…finish the game! haha she finishes and selects yes on the dialog prompt, then I ask her and she says "DUH” and I am like what? oh yeah!“

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Our love is legendary.“ 

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