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Lazytown characters making flower crowns
  • Sportacus: *makes a flower crown out of lettuce*
  • Robbie: *tries to make a flower crown but gets super pissed off at the stems breaking*
  • Ithro: *big meaty hands accidentally crush the flowers*
  • Glanni: *gets fucking ticked and burns the flower crowns with a blowtorch*
  • Stephanie: *makes a flower crown made out of daisys*
  • Trixie: *makes a matching flower crown to Steph's*
  • Ziggy: *makes a flower crown out of lolipops*
  • Pixel: *makes a 3d printed flower crown*
  • Stingy: *has Ziggy make a flower crown then stuffs the inside full of money*
  • add onto this please someone
How big should you make your art?

I’ve noticed some digital artists out there who just kind of guess when choosing the dimensions of their artwork. Trying to understand ppi, dpi, print dimensions, and resolution can send you down a rabbit hole of complexity likely to break your brain.  

If you are creating an image only for the web, it is really up to you how big you want to make it. The only relevant dimensions are the pixels. Print size and pixels per inch are of no consequence. A 1920x1080 300ppi image will be the same as a 1920x1080 600ppi image. Your screen only cares about pixel dimensions.

If you plan to print your image, that is where things can get complicated.

Here is the simple version…

First you need to determine the maximum size that your work may be printed. Here are the most commonly used sizes for poster prints. 

Now you need to know the brand of printer that will be used. Typically it will be Epson, HP, or Canon.

For Epson printers…

  • Input the width and height. 
  • Input a resolution of 360 pixels per inch.

For Canon, HP, and most other printers…

  • Input the width and height. 
  • Input a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

So let’s say you are in photoshop and you want your art to be printed at 11" x 17" on an Epson printer. This is how you should create your document. 

If you do not know how your work will be printed, I recommend erring on the side of “too big.” If you end up having to enlarge your work, it could result in some quality loss. 

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This piece will be on display at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles for the Pixel Hearts show! Printed on a block of pixel heart-shaped wood, it will be for sale at the gallery and will be the only print of this ever made. 

Go to the tumblr page for more info: http://pixelheartsart.tumblr.com/



An oldie but a goodie. Director and Lego enthusiast Michel Gondry bought a ton of classic blocks, printed out pixelated images of the Whites at a rate of 25 sheets per second of film, and built a separate Lego model for every single image.  “It (took) a long time, but I wanted it to feel like a children’s program, which is why I didn’t make it too slick.”