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In this year of 2016, the fanfiction that became a milestone for literature, fashion and pop culture in an unprecedent manner, the legendary My Immortal, becomes 10 years old. Above is my compilation of all the main astonishingly well-written characters, as well as the variations on our most beloved mary sue’s iconic outfits.

Here are some impressive numbers on My Immortal’s original 44 chapters:

  • the main character wears a total of 23 carefully detailed outfits. her love interest, darko malfoy, comes at a far second, with 9 outfits.
  • the color ‘black/blak’ is mentioned 291 times. ‘goth / goffik / gothik’ and others appear around 101 times.
  • there are about 50 instances of crying, as well as 56 mentions of blood.
  • my chemical romance or its members are referenced 68 times. other interesting references are good charlotte (38 times), marylin manson (12 times). evanescence is mentioned 2 times as ‘evinezenz’, ‘evonezcence’ and its frontwoman, Amy Lee, 5 times, all properly capitalized.
  • ‘fuck/fucking/fucker’ is used 129 times. 
  • the word ‘prep’ and its variations are used around 78 times.

Happy Birthday!

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