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Might be the most viewed Poi video in the world. I bring to you Vojta Stolbenko. Pronounced “Voi tad” without the D


anonymous asked:

Hi! I'd like to request root and shaw having a chance encounter with each other, in the past? Something they've probably already forgotten by now? I'm not really sure, but basically, I'd like you to draw young Root, if that's okay with you!

Why do I feel like I’ve always known you?

You are a superAI, tasked with keeping people safe. You have done so, for a time. Now, a rival AI as powerful - maybe more - who has vowed to destroy you, have finally uncovered where your physical anchors are. Its full might has been dispatched against you. The few operatives you have are disabled, nearly incapacitated. What do you do?


So there is one company that makes them for $2,000 and another for $1,000. I’m definitely considering shelling out a grand on these. I love the snowflakes on this.