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It’s Caturday! And after seeing all these beautiful Pet Pictures on @apostatehobolife‘s blog I felt the urge to make a

Pixel - Appreciation Post

So here it goes:

This is Pixel.
She is 1 year and 3 months old now and since we took her into our lives in May 2016 she has been our little baby.
She loves climbing around, lying on her back, sleeping curled up in blankets in our arms, being curious, causing mischief and having her belly rubbed (and then pretending she doesn’t like it by attacking you).
She is an absolute blessing and really cheers up every day of our lives. It’s nice to come home and know someone is there waiting for you.

Nicknames include but are not limited to: Pixie, Pixel-Poo, Pooper, Poopie-Cat, Poopsie, (What can I say? She poops a lot), Monkey, Monster.

  • Raven: Beast Boy kissed me.
  • Starfire: Ohmygodohmygod
  • Jinx: Ok, alright. We want to hear everything. Star, get the wine. Raven, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?
  • Raven: Oh, it ended very well.
  • Starfire: (getting the wine) Do not do the starting without me!
  • Jinx: Okay, alright, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like an “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?
  • Raven: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh god, and then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Jinx: Okay, so, were you holding him? Or were his hands like, on you?
  • Raven: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my shoulders.
  • Jinx and Starfire: Ohhhhh.
  • [In the next room]
  • Beast Boy: And, uh, and then I kissed her.
  • Cyborg: Tongue?
  • Beast Boy: Yeah.
  • Robin: Cool.

pixie-pixel-land  asked:

What were the cubes in Spock fact #89?

In Star Trek TOS one of the foods we see eaten is these colourful cubes that are never otherwise acknowledged or explained and I have questions.

This isn’t a mirror.

This isn’t meant to be scary. It’s just a thing that really did just happen to me on this very day, so take it as you will.

So I just checked into a hotel on the strip, just a block north of the bad thing that happened on October 1st. It’s a pretty old hotel, and it took my husband 5 different pairs of hotel card keys to get just one to successfully open the door to our room. He was only staying one night with me, so after we were done for the day, and ready to crash, we opened the door one last time, and he handed me his key, just in case mine would decide not to work, and lock me out during the following days. At this point, I did something with it. I put it away, probably or set it somewhere. Makes sense, right?
We went to bed. Woke up, and and got ready to leave for the day. My husband reminds me about handing me his card, and has me make sure I know where it is.
I don’t. In fact, we couldn’t even remember if he had given it to me. But it wasn’t in any usual spot he would put it. Nor was it in a usual spot where I would put it.
Mind you, it is a small room, no under-bed, and just one little table. We looked everywhere, pretty carefully to in our desperation. After a few minutes, we were so puzzled. The door was locked from the inside with a latch, so it’s not like someone could have taken it…maybe…
Then, all of a sudden, the key was there, boldly out in the open, on top of the one little table.
I had moved stuff off that table to see if it was under stuff previously, and It Was Not There. Not under stuff, not over anything, especially not laying on the surface, out in the open, where it would have been easily seen. Where it now was, all of a sudden.
And my husband especially, is a very good observer, and it is very rare for him to be flabbergasted.
What the heck…
That was this morning. I’ll be alone in that room tonight….


Bluedot Festival, 2017

I would describe it as a mix of astronomy, science, music and general nerdiness!
It was such a beautiful festival with the Lovell Telescope at the heart of the whole shabang!
I particularly loved the late night adventures in the woods.

We’ll be going back for sure.