pixel pixies


This is Peter Hedge-Wadrok.


  • Genius
  • Artistic

He’s {sort of, kind of, not really…} the beginning of the legacy because he isn’t technically related to his parents because I *downloaded him… I don’t really know what he is.  I’m just going to make him the beginning because this family is sort of pre-legacy/story…ish.  I don’t know.  You’ll see.  I’m so confusing.  I hope you understood all of that.

I downloaded him from Sims For Sale/PixelPixies.  His original name was Chase Kingsley and you can download him here.  He’s in YA form when you download him and I changed his eyes (a little bit) and changed his ears.

This is Arwen’s kitten, Coal. He is skittish and afraid of everything but he is so CUTE.

They adopted him and this was the name he came with…Coal…like a black lump heh so his name does not match and it will stay that way forever too because it makes me laugh.