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8+1 artworks available on my shop. Childhood memories and sweet nostalgia for a bygone era reflected on 9 pieces of pixel art. You may or may not have already noticed my obsession with sunsets over mountains and seas. For any question regarding the products, message me. Thank you xoxo


The Foretellers - Pokemon AU
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commissions are OPEN

payment will be accepted through paypal only, usd only. how my system works: i will send you a sketch(s), once they are approved/changes are made i will then send you an invoice for the full commission price. once that has been paid i will start the final art. you are welcome to pay upfront first if you want to.

price may vary based on detail level

things i will not draw
humanoid men (may be negotiable but please be prepared that i may say no), mecha, anything that could be considered trypophobia. i won’t draw scenery or backgrounds without extra payment

i will not draw people without a reference. please have all necessary reference pictures ready.

i am willing to draw (almost) anything else, including guro and nsfw

if you would like to commission a pixel piece please be very clear which size piece you would like. i have more examples if you want them and can also draw in styles not listed here if i’ve already drawn it before

you can contact me at finchhs@hotmail.com  
send me an ask or message if you have any questions

thank you for your support!

anonymous asked:

what resolution do u work w in paint tool sai? bc like whenever i zoom in to do lineart it gets all pixelly while when i watch speedpaints the lineart looks so crisp....

Hm! At a minimum my canvases start out at 2500x2500 pixels. For pieces I plan on putting more effort into or just when I know I want it to be pretty detailed I tend to blow that up to 5000x5000 pixels, which I’ve been told is pretty big. My actual resolution setting is usually default at 300dpi, but that’s mostly because it’s a standard to work at that level in the digital comics industry.

It’ll feel kind of weird at first because you have a lot less control the bigger you work but it can be worth it to make something extra crisp and shiny or extra detailed! (Just be sure to shrink em before posting!) 

OH, and also, LISTEN TO YOUR COMPUTER. If Sai crashes, lags, or gets hard to manage, your computer may not be able to handle huge canvases. That’s something you’ll have to figure out but usually the ones I listed above don’t cause too much trouble!

Goodluck anon-chan!