pixel piece

I’m  n e v e r  gonna finish thiiisssssss… o(╥﹏╥)o  I miss photoshop;;; this was all done with a mouse on a single layer on MS paint.


8+1 artworks available on my shop. Childhood memories and sweet nostalgia for a bygone era reflected on 9 pieces of pixel art. You may or may not have already noticed my obsession with sunsets over mountains and seas. For any question regarding the products, message me. Thank you xoxo

I made a pixel art piece! Here’s the castle atop Mt. Dedede! I also plan to animate this in the future, so feel free to make suggestions for that part.
Also - to the more experienced pixel artists out there, feel free to critique this so I can improve my future works. It can be a big help!

Another thing that I should’ve said about this: I was inspired to make it after seeing @8pxl ’s pixel art tutorial! I really liked the idea of the mountain with the circular frame, so I wanted to do something like that myself!

The Foretellers - Pokemon AU
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