pixel mash


Mad Dogs & Servicemen - S3 E13

in honor of Pixel Appreciation Day, please consider pixel hangin out with everybody in his own way

  • he introduces robbie to pokemon go and robbie, to his surprise and everybody elses, loves it. actually u kno what pixel introduces robbie to pokemon in general and robbie is sucked in mainly thru the pokemon amie feature. they do a lot of wonder trading and battles together (pixel lets him win like the first 2 games)
  • pixel and trixie are totally Gamer Friends!!!! they mostly play fighting games together, pixel knows all the combo’s by heart but trixie sticks to button-mashing. pixel tries to tell her the combos bc he genuinely thinks it will help her and she’ll have more fun. trixie nods as he explains how to block, continuing to just completely jam on the buttons
  • since pixel is without a doubt the smartest kid and ziggy is the baby of the group i imagine pixel probably tutors him in math and science and stuff!!! he probably finds ways to make it fun like oh my god could u imagine pixel making like a little educational video game or something im sobbing
  • stephanie understands he has his Own Way of doing things but still tries her best to include him whenever she (or the whole group) tries something new, and tries her best to tell him in advanced!! also both of their interests are Very Different but she always listens to him when he infodumps about his favorite game or something new that he built bc it makes him happy and feel included!!!
  • u cannot tell me that he and stingy havent tried to trick out stingy’s little car before to make it into like some speed racer style Super Car like of course they did!!! they think of a new thing to add like every week
  • sportacus doesnt know probably anything at all about video games so pixel goes with him to an arcade and within 10 minutes sportacus has mastered ddr. within another 10 he has broken the ddr machine by trying to do a backflip and kicking a big hole into the screen. its the coolest 20 minutes of pixel’s entire life

Strange Bedfellows - S11 E11

Next Friday, L.A. artist and rapper Yung Jake and friends will present a mixture of music, performance, and video in our main lobby. Best known for his Internet-based work, Yung Jake takes full advantage of tools unique to the most recent generation of contemporary artists; memes, data, GIFs, mash-ups, pixellation, tweeting, and texting all make frequent appearances in his work, often in surprising and unusual ways.

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