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During the treehouse live at E3 2016, when asked about Zelda spin offs Eiji Aonuma briefly mentioned talk among his staff about a Sheik game. 

So I lost my fuckin marbles and thought it’d be interesting to conceptualize a story about where the title of Sheik came from and what it means. Perhaps a story that takes place just at the tail end of the sheikah people’s mass genocide.

This is SUUUUPER self indulgent.

welcome home - a Jyn x Cassian playlist

tracks: renegades - x ambassadors // america - imagine dragons // charlie boy - the lumineers // the only exception (vsq cover) - vitamin string quartet // welcome home - radical face // yellow light - of monsters and men // silhouettes - of monsters and men // skyfall - adele // fade into you - clare bowen & sam palladio // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

you kids have it so hard.  Back in my day, you wanted to find some album, you went on megaupload and boom it’s just there.  Not sometimes “it” might not be the “it” you’re looking for, sometimes instead of the Money Store you’ll find a Neutral Milk Hotel album, but then you have a laugh, it’s a fun story.  

Now in order to find some downloadable shit you need to act like a fucking bomb disposal unit on some sketchy Russian website where every single pixel besides the download link uploads some like KGB black ice shit