pixel kingdom

The Crystal Kingdom soundtrack feels so peaceful and like, weirdly nostalgic? So i wanted to do some weirdly nostalgic pixel art, haha :)

Here’s a closeup of th’ Boys:

[Here There Be Gerblins: x]
[Murder on the Rockport Limited: x]
[Petals to the Metal: x]
[The Eleventh Hour: x]
[The Suffering Game: x]
[Lunar Interlude V: x]

The 4 current (new) Union Leaders in KHUX! From left to right: Skuld, Ephemer(a), Ventus and Blaine (not listed Chirithy :v). Can’t wait for the reveal of the 5th soon! :D

lately i’ve been wanting to try something different from what i normally do, so i bring to you: animation!!

i’ve never animated before ever, so i figured i’d keep it real simple. i was inspired by the pixel style for that one aceattorney 3DS theme, so have the destiny islands trio bouncing on your dash ^^