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Have you seen the evidence going around that Papyrus knows a lot more than he let's on? He remembers Frisk after a True Reset, predicts many events that take place later in the game (Mettaton Ex, what happens when you reach Asgore, what outfit you wear, Asgore trimming a hedge in the shape of his face), and he seems to have the same powers as Sans, even if he rarely shows them. What do you think?

(undertale spoilers)

We have not seen this evidence. However, Papyrus shouldn’t remember Frisk after a True Reset, considering the purpose of the True Reset is to completely erase everyone’s memories. It’s actually after regular resets that Papyrus has the feeling of déjà vu about Frisk

In regards to how Papyrus seems to predict events that happen later on in the game, there is a particular flower that likes to give Papyrus advice and predictions – Flowey!

(Click here for more evidence of Papyrus knowing Flowey.)

In regards to strength, it is definitely hinted that Papyrus is stronger than he lets on. He likely has the same gasterblaster attack Sans does, considering his special attack would have “BLASTED” you. 

(This is mentioned in the Papyrus’ reference post.)

Plus, Undyne herself vouches Papyrus’ strength.

However, it’s unlikely that Papyrus is all knowing. Considering what Papyrus has said to Sans, it’s known that Flowey is feeding Papyrus information, likely from his experiences in other timelines he had run through before Frisk fell down. Although there is no denying that Papyrus also has a habit of leaning on the fourth wall on occasion, like his brother.

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Not really sure why Flowey would know about Mettaton Ex, or how he would know Asgore would trim a hedge in the shape of Papyrus’ face, or how that explains Papyrus making numerous references about looking through the telephone (calling Papyrus in his room, the steam vent puzzle in Hotlands and the dog food bag call on Alphys’ lab), but there isn’t a lot of other explanations for it

(undertale spoilers)

Flowey has likely been in and out of Alphys’ lab, considering the evidence from the pacifist route. It’s very possible that he found the designs for Mettaton Ex and shared what he learned with Papyrus. Perhaps in some of his runs, Alphys even finished creating Mettaton Ex’s body. 

Asgore trimming a hedge in the shape of Papyrus’ face is a rather flimsy example of prediction. It is more likely that someone asked Asgore for the favor, considering it was part of Papyrus’ dream when becoming a Royal Guard. Since he no longer can be a Royal Guardsman, the hedge may be the next best thing.

When calling Papyrus in his room, it’s likely that Frisk told him they are still in his room.

Although there isn’t any written dialogue from Frisk, Toriel confirms that Frisk speaks during the phone calls.

As mentioned in the previous post, Papyrus has a habit of leaning on the fourth wall. Furthermore, he isn’t always consistent in what he says. He implies that he can see the room in one call.

Yet earlier, he says he can’t see Frisk because they’re “on the phone.”