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Some RPA concept art and a preview of upcoming characters!

I was challenging myself to make a whole town of characters who work together in a mini society. And then of course I fell in love with the 3 soldiers and had to draw them for real. I liked their dynamic of being “not the biggest badasses but they have something to fight for and they are trying their best.”
(While more will be revealed about them in game here is a little preview.)

The town doesn’t have a name yet but it is a small farming town near a lot of larger military forces. The stationed soldiers keep the farmers safe and productive, but any actual invasion would destroy the meager defenses they have. So they are hanging on the edge of disaster and just trying not to be noticed by the monsters in the woods or the enemy countries just across the border.

From top left to right

  1. Cal: for scale
    The Rat Travelers: A group of rat people showed up one day, they are weird but they seem nice and help deal with the rot
  2. Ruul: A young rat warrior who is trying to overcome their shyness to become a successful rot hunter.
  3. Egert: An older rat scavenger who is fast and strong enough to steal supplies from rot infested areas to sell.
  4. Plens: A nervous traveler rat who recently got their hands on a revolver and is hesitant to use any of their limited bullets.
  5. Oment: ??? They lead the rat people into the town and seems to be their de facto leader. 
    Leifel Footmen: The small garrison of troops meant to protect the farmers. They all enjoy being away from the front lines but they know they have no backup if things go wrong here.
  6. Mendu Zein: The unofficial leader of the group, a strong fighter and parent of two. Spouse to Maria.
  7. Mandy Kelf: A magical prodigy that hopes to prove themselves enough to get promoted to a comfy safe job.
  8. Gad Eaway: Younger sibling to Noris. A dedicated soldier that thinks of nothing but protecting their home village and family.
  9. Matron Zein: Trainee, child of Mendu and a bit of a pessimist. Has a crush on Argo
  10. Colbert Zein: Trainee, child of Mendu and a bit of an airhead. Is scared of failure and is very shy.
  11. Edina 78: A government issued protector T7 unit that is supposed to help in fighting off the rot, yet it has barely seen a day of combat and mostly handles paperwork and seems to be the ‘official’ commanding officer.
    Leifel Farmers: They work hard, they don’t have time to play hard and they are trying not to get killed.
  12. Hima Teic: Older sibling to Edo and the head chef of the town. Handles most of the harvested grains.
  13. Edo Teic: Younger sibling to Hima and a bit of a mess. Had to give up their scribe training to help on the family farm. Is the town’s part time librarian. 
  14. Noris Eaway: Older sibling to Gad, A hard working farmhand, is constantly worried about their little sibling being in harms way.
  15. Maria Zein: The solemn and serious town doctor, spouse to Mendu, parent of two.
  16. Kadez Lihome: Lost their spouse to the rot, has two children from two marriages, Ike and Argo. The towns tailor and tanner.
  17. Ike Lihome: The kind hearted woodsmith, is very passionate and tends to be aggressively protective of their half sibling Argo.
  18. Argo Lihome: Half Liefel, half Gorren. Feels out of place in the village, wants to become an adventurer, constantly getting into trouble. Has a crush on Colbert.