pixel block

  • Robbie: Isn't it weird that we can't ride any other animals except horses? Like if horses weren’t a thing humans would be fucked cause we couldn’t ride any other animals. Like riding animals just wouldn’t really be a thing. We should probably be more grateful to horses.
  • Stephanie: Elephants
  • Robbie: Blocked
  • Trixie: Camels
  • Robbie: Extra blocked
  • Pixel: Donkeys
  • Robbie: Ultra blocked
  • Sportacus: That dick
  • Robbie: …Followed

Wasn’t satisfied with quality of original lineart for Soma that i made last year and finally got myself together to fix parts that bothered me the most + quickly threw on some colors. Still can see mistakes here and there, but i think i like the way it looks now.

This piece will be on display at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles for the Pixel Hearts show! Printed on a block of pixel heart-shaped wood, it will be for sale at the gallery and will be the only print of this ever made. 

Go to the tumblr page for more info: http://pixelheartsart.tumblr.com/