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This is the infamous battle room :000 It’s in very early stages now, but we do have a lot of basic mechanics figured out! As of now, Ben isn’t testing with the character sprites yet, since he was working on skill target selection, npc interactions, keybind remapping and yesterday he was working on shaders so we can have Virgo on a variant of Zodiac Qualities colours with some simple variables. But he and anglerman will focus on testing stuff out with the character sprites to see how timing skills and everything will go! It’s way easier to test that out with the Battle Hud functional. Veyerals is still working on the Battle Hud interface, I think he might finish it by later today! I’m really happy things are starting to move on the battles side! :3 I’m excited to see if everything me and anglerman planned will work out!

As you can see, this is the system I was talking about, where the directionals are the skill slots, being:

  • < Melee Attack; targets front enemies only, but recovers Purity
  • > Guard; targets any party member to switch positions with them and gain Armor (an additional health bar that takes damage before Hearts)
  • \/ Area; hits all foes equally.
  • /\ Ranged; can target any foe regardless of row.

You’ll equip skills directly, so if you equip a Doru spear, or a Sabbot, they will function as skills for their respective Purge slots. In that way equipment will feel more important as well!

Save Dinosaur tab is done and will show your playtime on the save slot, a screenshot of the place you’re in, the current step of the Main Quest and the character/characters you were playing as in that save! The Save Dinosaur quote will also change every now and then :3 I am almost finished with the assets for the most important tabs like bag, skills, aspects and status! Equip Aspects was already implemented, but I need to finish the selection buttons for that! But I don’t know if I can finish them soon, since my pc is having problems again. =/ I hope to solve that! After this week Veyerals will get back to work on his amazing game, but will keep helping us once a week! We may have a new trailer for the game by December 1st showing the new battle system, but I can’t confirm anything precisely, it will depend on how fast we can get things moving from now, however I’m very hopeful, as things are moving in a nicer pace than I previously expected!


Flutter Flounder: Part flying fish, part home, and part Title Screen.

This is where our game takes place, in Garret’s home above the clouds. The options for everything in the Main menu is loaded up and accessed here by examining items inside the house. Beginning the game by Jumping off the front dock.

Trying to get that perfect mix between Megaman Legends and Studio Ghibli.

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Ah, VHS, the technology that will never die in the hearts of kids growing up in the 80s and 90s. Early Sunday mornings, waking up to see He-Man, playing videogames … all that good nostalgia. It was easy to dream of playing games that looked like our favorite animated shows, looking at game adverts and projecting all those cool illustrations onto crude ZX Spectrum and C64 pixels. It was all the same in a 10-year-old’s eyes.

Narita Boy feels like all of those feelings compressed into one, and it’s even more powerful in motion:

It’s just a concept for now, but it’ll become reality by the end of 2018 (or well, you know, sometimes after that) since it’s been successfully funded on Kickstarter. 

There’s still time to get in on the action though, this being the last day of the campaign and all. Go check it out here.