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gumi for the tumblr ask meme????

Their blog URL: thecarrotsplicer

What kind of posts they’d reblog: The Kagamines’ posts, Miku’s posts, Gakupo’s posts, Miki’s posts, scientific stuff, carrot recipes, cool gadgets, dancing videos, dog pictures, robotics, uplifting quotes and texts, cool video game pixel art

First person they followed: Len

What kind of blog theme they’d have: cute, pixel carrots, green and orange stripes, but a sleek-looking sidebar

What kind of posts they’d make at 2am: “I wanna have a cool robo boyfriend…no not Len”

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WHAT do your hyungs think about you dancing? I'm sure some of them like watching you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jungkook - They like it! (or at least i hope so.. ) They’re all quite busy with their own classes but they come over to watch me dance every once in a while! Hoseok-hyung and Jimin-hyung often dance in the same room and Yoongi-hyung takes most of my photos and videos so they’re watching me almost daily.


Hey look, I made my very first pixel animations! Oh well not too bad for a first attempt. Critical role cast here. Might do more soon.


It feels like my pixel art style kind of evolved a bit overnight! xD

I’m pretty happy with this, but it’s by all means not done yet. I realize that I’ll have to keep an extra mind about contrast when I create more detailed stuff. It might be a good idea to create some simpler floor tiles for the cavern…

I’ve got some cool buildings coming up next. Stay tuned!

Also; creating detailed cavern auto-tiles is both quite wonderful and frightening at the same time.