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NAC: Can somebody tell me which H!P trainees give up before debuting in H!P and changed to a different agency/group? I'm curious since I have seen many confessions regarding this topic.

Please add to this list, but Tanabe Nanami, for example, is now in One Pixcel, under another company. I don’t have any other examples in mind right now, so please reply/reblog with more!

Honestly your best bet is to just look here and click on all the girls in the past. I don’t know the KSS that well besides Tanabe Nanami sorry :/


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Kohei Nawa (b.1975, Japan) - Pixcell (2010-13)

Japanese artist Kohei Nawa is acclaimed for his PixCell series, which is a word that integrates ‘pixel’, which demonstrates digital image resolution, and the biological ‘cell’. While the subject in each work connotes its own attributes such as weight, smell and color, its essence is lost or distorted through the production process in which glass, crystal and urethane coats covers its surface. PixCell-Deer, the representative work of the PixCell series, is the most celebrated work from the BEADS series that cover taxidermied animals with clear crystal beads. The composite of taxidermied animal and crystal beads is like a completely new organism that entirely deconstructs the initial color, texture and form of the original taxidermied animal and creates a new experience. While the beads in different sizes seem to interfere with the precise reading of the subject, they gain a new function as lens, maximizing color and form, and seducing the viewer. This reminds the viewer that the world which the human senses perceive as the truth is actually ambiguous and uncertain. Through an extensive medium of expression, Kohei Nawa sheds light on the human desire to embrace, cherish and possess the uncertainty. (src. Arario Gallery) © All images courtesy of the artist

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T.O.P: “Hey
Do you remember this picture
I took 5 months ago in Germany.
(from #TTTOPinstagram)”


“(no caption)” x2

“Curated by T.O.P
#TTTOP x @sothebys
Tomita Naoki
View (T.O.P), 2016
Oil on canvas
162 by 162 cm; 63¾ by 63¾ in.

Tomita Naoki transforms an Instagram post picked by me into an exquisite oil#painting. #재탄생
Specially for #TTTOP
TTTOP Sotheby's”

“Sotheby’s Asia Deputy Chairman Mr Nicolas Chow examining
Mixed Media, 2016
h 19.3cm x w 26cm x d 18.3cm

special commission work for #TTTOP x@sothebys
Curated by T.O.P”

“Curated by T.O.P @sothebys
Kohei Nawa
Mixed Media, 2016
h 19.3cm x w 26cm x d 18.3cm


“Kohei Nawa x T.O.P
Mixed Media, 2016
h 19.3cm x w 26cm x d 18.3cm

Curated by T.O.P
#TTTOP @Sothebys