"Inside Out" - Pixar's best film yet

“Inside Out” – Pixar’s best film yet

Source: pixarpost.com Pixar is so very good at making excellent animated movies on a wide range of topics, that it is hard to compare them equally. Wall-E and The Incredibles have long been my personal favorites. Still, Inside Out rises head and shoulders above the rest in its ability to tell a charming, hearty-wrenching, and very complex story. Imagination is a wonderful gift, and Pixar has an…

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I can’t believe i finally a college student! - Mike Wazowski 

So excited only by watching Mike’s first day. So jelly.

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I’ll sometimes get asked about my creative process. It starts with lots of research, a little pen sketch, and when the sketch looks somewhat sensible, I’ll jump on the computer and crack open a tall boy! Actually it requires a lot more steps but hopefully this before and after of a #pixar #cars2 poster helps a tiny bit. #pixarposter #mater #artprocess #lightningmcqueen

Another oldie for #Up. The coolest part about creating posters for an upcoming film is getting to collaborate with the filmmakers as they’re shaping their ultimate vision. We knew early on that #pixar had something very special with Up. #pixarart #Dug #pixarposter #erictan


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