A while ago it was suggested to me that I look at animation film strips. Now that I am considering the layout of my illustrations, I decided to look into film strips in more detail. I couldn’t find anything at all specific while researching “animation film strips”, but when I searched for “animation storyboard”, I found several useful things to look at.

The best examples I found all belonged to Pixar, namely from their film Up. Looking at these images of the story board has helped me a lot with considering layout, so today I will be trying out working in the same way.

I also like how the panels are pinned to the wall. It makes them look a little more interactive, somehow, so I will consider the scale of my piece as well as how it will be laid out.


Another friend sent me this great video about the storyboarding-production of a particular sequence in Pixar’s Cars movie (thanks, Jonathan!) It’s pretty hilarious but also does a great job at showing the challenging creative process of translating a screenplay into images. 

In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to I’ve been completing at least 50 drawings a day. I read that Pixar storyboard artists did at least 100 boards a day so I want to work myself up to doing 200 a day of clear but fun pieces!!! The more poor drawings I get out the closer I am to good ones! #makingdreamscometrue #herestolearning #storyboard