Tangled=ACOTAR Pt.2

Rhys (Flynn) & Cassian (Maximus) Randomly Beating Each Other Up:

Cassian (Maximus) Whenever Feyre (Rapunzel) enters the room to Rhys (Flynn):

Cassian (Maximus) Being the General of Rhys’s Armies:

Rhysand (Flynn) Knowing PERFECTLY WELL just how sexy he is:

Feyre’s (Rapunzel’s) love of painting:

Rhysand (Flynn) having to tell Feyre (Rapunzel) this wherever they go:

Tamlin (Mother Gothel) Keeping Feyre (Rapunzel) locked up “for her own good”:

And Tamlin (Mother Gothel) shutting Feyre (Rapunzel) down when she begs to leave the Manor:

Bonus: Amren is Pascal, ordering everyone around and being a small badass:



Disney + “grumpy sarcastic guy/energetic optimistic girl” main characters

The Signs As Pixar Characters

Aries: EVE from WALL-E

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Taurus: Dug from Up

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Gemini:  Mike Wazowski from Monster Inc

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Cancer: Mr. Potatoe Head from Toy Story

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Leo: Merida from brave

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Virgo:  Kevin from Up

Libra: Peach from Finding Nemo

Scorpio: Emperor Zurg from Toy Story

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Sagittarius: Russell from Up

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Capricorn: WALL-E from WALL-E

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Aquarius: Syndrome from The Incredibles

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Pisces: Arlo from The Good Dinosaur

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Hey Tumblr
So I’m from Florida .
I was brought out to Cali cause some agents have their eyes on me and want to meet me .

so I signed with a new agency here in LA. And she’s big with Disney , so I sent her an email yesterday telling her that I look like Aladdin etc and that if Disney were to ever do an Aladdin movie , to get me in on that. And last year I posted this tweet .
Can everyone share this post and go to Instagram and tag Disney & Disney studios in the pics for me please ?Also could everyone retweet it for me also. It’d mean a lot.

My Instagram is @armani_salado_ , so people can tag Disney in the Aladdin pics I have posted there. My Twitter is @armani_salado if anyone wants to retweet the tweet I have there about this. It will mean a lot. The YouTube link is me singing part of A Whole New World. Muted Aladdins voice and put mine . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr5a1P451kE

This could be the role that defines me and opens the doors for me in my career.

Maybe we can get this trending . #armaniforaladdin

Thank you to everyone in advance!!!!!