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Got any Disney related AUs?


-Oh omg Person A being a total Disney lover and B’s like ‘I haven’t seen a Disney movie since I was six you’re such a child’

-All A has ever wanted to be ever was a Disney royal (cue cheesy ‘you’re my prince/ss’)

-Aspiring animators and illustrators working to get a job at Disney/Pixar

-On a trip person A admits to B that they hate roller coasters so either they 

1) ride space mountain three times in one day 


2) instead go to all the little touristy things like tea with Belle


I took the idea of Pixar’s research trips to heart with my most recent vacation, which I just got home from.  While we were out west, I visited many of the sites that served as inspiration for the fanfic I’m writing with @jessienevergivesup, from staying at a former Harvey House hotel with a museum at the Grand Canyon, to stopping in Barstow, CA, the setting of our story.  Although Casa del Desierto, the current historic Santa Fe depot in Barstow, was built later than the time period we’re focusing on, the location is the same as the 1890s depot, and it gave me a great sense of place, more than any online photos can provide.  I took photos at some other locations as well, but I can’t share those yet as they’re for later elements of the story. 😉 They’ll all end up on our Pinterest board as they apply to each chapter.  

We’re currently working on the next chapter of Jessie’s Journey, so keep an eye out for that to be posted in early August! 😊 Until then, you can read the chapters we’ve published so far here.  

*The photo of Annie Oakley’s gun (upper right) was found on Google, since photos aren’t allowed in the exhibit spaces at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.  

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Ahh seeing your Pixar pics makes me wanna go back! I'm glad you're having fun! (Also you saw Coco and Incredibles 2 storyboards?)

Thank you!! I know the feeling, it’s almost like you get “homesick” for it!

Yeah! Coco is almost finished, shading and lighting is done so now it’s in post production (which is really on schedule! I’m surprised) 

Also my host accidentally told us a secret about Incredibles 2 and then said “Oooh wait, that hasn’t been announced yet” But I promised him I wouldn’t tell!