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Top 5 top 10 lists

*x-files theme plays*

1. Top 10 Widowmaker kills (fuck you gerard)
2. Top 10 sexiest talon agents (fuck you gerard)
3. Top 10 best crepes (fuck you gerard)
4. Top 10 best pixar movies (fuck you pixar)
5. Top 10 husbands you wish would come back to life just so you could kill them again (fuck you gerard)

Ask me my top five anything

Yuri On Ice + Background Music

Because I don’t see people talking about it enough

I just noticed that the BGM in this scene 

Which I’m sure you all remember


This beautiful moment

By the way if you’ve forgotten the music, it’s a very cute melody and I’m linking a sample of it here for your listening pleasure

What does this mean? Well, it just makes Yuri!!! On Ice that much cleverer, using the same music at two incredibly important developments in Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship, as well as Yuuri’s character itself. It showcases a contrast in meaning. Establishing a certain musical theme, and then coming back to it later, is a well known tactic that is very often used by filmmakers etc. (an example being Pixar) to create more emotion, and YOI does it brilliantly here

Oh, and the best part? Towards the end of the song, the cutesy melody stops and alters a little part, during this exact moment

And also this moment

I swear to god, the implications of this… the ‘Yuuri buying the rings’ scene just became a whole lot more feels worthy 

YOI staff, I bow down before thee


Best quality: his wiggles

list of good disney animated films in no particular order everything else is either mediocre or bad
  • lion king (and lion king 2)
  • jungle book
  • fantasia
  • bambi (and bambi 2 because fuck you)
  • peter pan (i actually love the second one)
  • alice in wonderland
  • lady and tramp (actually the second is better again because fuck you)
  • aristocats (the best one actually)
  • robin hood (but only bc the animation the story kinda sucks)
  • fox and the hound
  • oliver and company 
  • little mermaid (though the second one executes the plot better imo)
  • beauty and the beast
  • aladdin (Best PRINCESS MOVIE !!!!)
  • a goofy movie
  • toy story (2nd one is best, third one sucks)
  • TARZAN~!
  • emperor’s new groove
  • monsters inc
  • lilo and stich
  • treasure planet can suck my huge giant balls!!!!!!! (as in its bad)
  • finding nemo
  • brother bear (UNDERRATED!)
  • CARS
  • BOLT
  • up
  • princess and frog
  • tangled
  • brave
  • inside out 
  • zootpia
  • moana

if yours isn’t on here it means it sucks