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So according to the piston cup officials in Cars 1, “sticking your tongue out” is an acceptable way to win a race

So… how come McQueen doesn’t do this more often??? Like… sneak up next to a competitor right before the finish, look like he’s about to take 2nd, then /MELM/ win the race???? He could have beaten Francesco in Tokyo if he did this????



Tangled=ACOTAR Pt.2

Rhys (Flynn) & Cassian (Maximus) Randomly Beating Each Other Up:

Cassian (Maximus) Whenever Feyre (Rapunzel) enters the room to Rhys (Flynn):

Cassian (Maximus) Being the General of Rhys’s Armies:

Rhysand (Flynn) Knowing PERFECTLY WELL just how sexy he is:

Feyre’s (Rapunzel’s) love of painting:

Rhysand (Flynn) having to tell Feyre (Rapunzel) this wherever they go:

Tamlin (Mother Gothel) Keeping Feyre (Rapunzel) locked up “for her own good”:

And Tamlin (Mother Gothel) shutting Feyre (Rapunzel) down when she begs to leave the Manor:

Bonus: Amren is Pascal, ordering everyone around and being a small badass:


PSA To the Cars Fandom

May is going to be a big month for the marketing team. This is when everything is going to start picking up pace and we’ll be seeing A LOT of new content. We’ll be getting 89823974 different versions of the same TV Spots, and multiple versions of the same trailers. So if you’re like me and want to avoid spoilers, I’d give it about 2 more trailer releases until you start blacklisting and unfollowing people. After they’ve got the main trailers out, they’re going to start remixing them and giving away more of the content of the movie. 

Also, if you’re trying to avoid spoilers, avoid the Novelization like the plague.