Hey guys, I usually don’t do this kind of stuff but today I felt the need to inform you about HOME. Home is a new DreamWorks movie that is coming out tomorrow. DreamWorks is struggling at the moment and it is really important to support them and to support this movie. Why? 1. Well Disney and the animation field wouldn’t be the way they are today without studios like DreamWorks, they have meant a lot for the animation industry and we can’t just forget about that. 2. This film is very first computer animated film ever to have black lead. It’s really important to support this film so we can get more diversity in animation. Big Hero 6 was a great start and it’s important that everyone, no matter where you come from gets represented in animation. So, if you agree that we should support DreamWorks and this movie, go and buy a ticket and see HOME in theaters this weekend.

- Big Hero 6 Fans 


Today’s womens’ history month profile is one that was requested many times over, so here it is, Brenda Chapman. Brenda is an accomplished writer, animation story artist, and film director.

Brenda was the youngest of five children, born in Illinois. She went on to study at the famous CalArts school on the west coast, the university of many successful animators and filmmakers. She began her career with animated television during her summer breaks while still a student. She soon graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in character animation. Her professional career could now fully begin. 

After she graduated, she became a story trainee on Disney’s smash hit The Little Mermaid, and her work in the company’s renaissance period begin. She was a story artist on the Academy Award nominated Beauty and the Beast. She became the first woman to be head of story on an animated feature, for Disney’s The Lion King, which went on to be considered one of he company’s best in its history. Other films she worked on include The Rescuers Down Under and Fantasia 2000.

In the mid 90s, Brenda joined a just-born Dreamworks, headed by Jeffrey Katzenberg, a former Disney employee himself. Soon, she became the first woman to help direct a major animated feature, when she co-directed The Princy of Egypt with Simon Wells and Steve Hickner. She worked n several productions for the company during this time period, including the Aardman collaboration Chicken Run

In 2003, she moved on to Pixar Animation Studios. She worked for a short time on Cars, and moved on to work on Brave, the first animated feature for the company with a female protagonist. She was directing the film, and was Pixar’s first female director at the time, but was replaced in 2010 by Mark Andrews due to creative differences. She remained working for the company until after Brave came out, and went on to consult for Lucasfilm. She left Pixar, and upon being asked about returning she said  “That door is closed. I made the right decision to leave and firmly closed that door. I have no desire to go back there. The atmosphere and the leadership doesn’t fit well with me.”

She returned to Dreamworks in 2013, and is said to be directing an adaptation film about a female protagonist. She worked on the film Strange Magic, and did the voice of Imp.  She is married to Kevin Lima, who directed films like Tarzan and A Goofy Movie, and their daughter served as inspiration for Merida in Brave. 

Brenda’s official website is here.
Her twitter is here.


Concept Art Exhibit for PIXAR’s “Inside Out” Opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
On March 25, 2015 a new exhibit opened in the Production Gallery at the Magic of Disney Animation in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The new exhibit celebrates art from the upcoming PIXAR film Inside Out: