“As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.” ~Ben Hogan

Happy birthday, Sam @pixandum!! I wish you a golf course surrounded by forests, waterfalls and a beautiful river!! Also, lots of love, peace and joy, today and always, my friend!! (Yes, this is in Idaho, only a couple of hours away! ;)) *HUGS* ~Angie ♡♡


“Los Endos” - Genesis live 1976

Happy birthday, Sam @pixandum

“No endos” for you any time soon, my friend

This is for Sam @pixandum!!!! I heard it is your birthday and I’m always too late! I hope,you like the photo,because you inspired me so often to try these kind of pictures. I saw a lot in your gallery and I love it so much;))))! Have a wonderful next year with a lot of love and happiness!!! Enjoy your life! I’m really happy that I met you here! I’m sure,sometimes we se us in the real world ;)))! xoxo Jacqui🌸

Happy belated birthday, Sam @pixandum!

Life is like riding a boat.
Sometimes you can let yourself drift,
Then your life flows quietly.
Sometimes you have to take the wheel firmly in the hand,
To defy the storm that tears at you.
Sometimes the wind changes
And with it your direction of travel,
But you will always arrive -

“Happy Easter holidays!” and…

“Thank you!” to all my friends and all my friendly followers!  Your “likes” and supports are great and very motivating! “Welcome!” to all the followers, who have joined in the last months.

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In the faded tan of old books
resides the golden memories
from the time when we
lived within it.

Old is Gold, Shikha Singh

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