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Sam Weinstein aka Pixandum | on Tumblr (USA)

Sam Weinstein, also knonw as Pixandum, is very amateur photographer originally from NY, living the last 20+years in Los Angeles, CA. He shoots whatever he likes it, and find it visually appealing. He shares most of them on Tumblr portfolio Pixandum or on Shuttered for the collection of “shuttered” businesses he walks by.

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" to fly towards a secret sky ”

#2 from the photo appreciation series by Mace Ave dedicated to style of original photographer and blog : pixandum

His photography often has a message in the viewing and a quality of subject and photo composition 

"Occasional words for those who feast on thought. Hope you’re not too hungry." - Sam Weinstein 

hugabugga asked:

It is my contention that Phil Collins was *never* sexy... Bombastic, talented, sporting the fashion & attitude of the era, yes. But sexy? I'm sorry my friend, I think not-- nor, within my circle of friends, did any other young woman of a certain age & time (that I knew of, true). But since I was a young woman myself that experience should count for something.

First of all: The poll is closed anyway, so… Secondly, I think some people might strongly disagree. Am I right, philcoolins​, phil-fricking-collins​, philcollinsgoingbackup​, overbythewildwood​, callisparrow​, pixandum​, walkinglawnmower​, primitivesouls​? I also think, some other people, like britanniccryminal​, angelstandinginthesun​, thedarknessstillhasworktodo​,  spinkelchen​, hazeybluesoul​, greenishq8​, raelimperialanalogkid​, and many others will at least disagree with the statement that he was *never* sexy.


First lot of prints from the swap are here! I think the only thing better than making prints of your photos and sending them to people, is when you get such gorgeous prints in the mail. 

1) Pixandum sent me one of his favourites, which has become one of my favourites. It’s moody and beautiful, and I love it. 2) Majavillarroel sent two beautiful prints of magical landscapes.3) Samemoon sent a very animated and lovely sepia-toned print. 4) And look at this absolutely fantastic bunch from Quango-bingo (including two ‘frog eyes’ =) ). Thank you all! 

How awesome are these guys? Check out their tumblrs for more of their work. 


pixandum asked:

Hi Jasmin- thank you so much!!! Likewise, I really am enjoying your still life and landscape work.. and congrats, i saw you were on radar! :) Best, -sam

hi sam!  thank you so much for your kind words.  i learn so much from all the creators here.  you all inspire me to do better.  and thanks for the congrats - it’s like the flash tumblr fairies mob showed up and sprinkled pixie dust all around me!  :)

be well and keep creating,


A 'big' Thank You!

I would like to thank Sam (pixandum), Fernando (qbnscholar), Jürguen (hjs-photo), John (johnverbruggenfotografie), Stefan (himmelueberhamburg), josepha-amarantine, Esra (my-memory-palace),  and, of course, Algy (adventuresofalgy), the friendly and constructive comments they have made on my image ‘Inmenso’’. And of course, I wish to extend my thanks to all those Tumblr fellows that likewise expressed their support by ‘likes’ and reblogs. Guys, read you today, receive such positive feedback has been fantastic. It is on days like today when I feel that this 'thing' called Tumblr is a powerful and marvelous instrument!

Thank you All!

pixandum asked:

Oh wow, it's TODAY!!!! i got so into the "pageturner" countdown i lost count!! Cheers Pete, It has been my pleasure getting to know you. Happy BlogDay! :) -sam

And it is more than a pleasure getting to know you, Sam! Thank you so very much! It’s a pleasure and an honour to be part of this Tumblr-Universe.

Had Lunch with the very energetic and outgoing pixandum (Sam) last Monday. We chatted about things and shared a larf or two.

Being shy and somewhat socially awkward, Tumblr meet ups aren’t my thing much but this was neat.

See ya when I get back from the east coast.

Thanks Sam :]

Floral thanks

Let me thank wholeheartedly to Sam (pixandum), Fernando (qbnscholar), Esra (my-memory-palace), Shana (diversityandecho), Terry (achello), Johelle (tapperphotography), Jenny (adventuresofalgy) and Nur (nurnielfa) for their wonderful, kind and constructive comments about my picture ‘Exposed’ (a.k.a. ‘The-strangely-lit-purple-flower’). I don’t usually photograph flowers, and I don’t, not because I feel them as an uninteresting topic, but because I am aware that my contribution to this field will always be necessarily modest if I take as a reference the marvelous work of  dozens, hundreds of talented Tumblr fellows!

That is why I am particularly grateful for the warm reception given to this photo (which was a sort of ‘let’s see what can I do with it’), for your comments, likes and reblogs -though, of course, I don’t want you to consider it as fair threat of future floral works! :) -

Yours -JM