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Sam Weinstein aka Pixandum | on Tumblr (USA)

Sam Weinstein, also knonw as Pixandum, is very amateur photographer originally from NY, living the last 20+years in Los Angeles, CA. He shoots whatever he likes it, and find it visually appealing. He shares most of them on Tumblr portfolio Pixandum or on Shuttered for the collection of “shuttered” businesses he walks by.

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Me and my girl spent a delightful (and rainy!) morning with the always incredible  Enrique (his Tumblr here, check his bio here) last Friday. We were lucky to have a sneak peek of Sam´s framed works, which will be on display in a cool venue in Madrid (here), they´re gonna look great and I highly recommend you to visit the exhibit if you´re in Madrid. 

A must!

- Laura


Yesterday evening I got a phone-call while clicking and scrolling through Tumblr. The person who called told me she sent a message with a promise… Why don’t people think before they send a message?

For whatever reason a camera was rolling.

This all lead to a Skype conversation with @stephiramona today. And it was about Sam.

Happy birthday, Sam! @pixandum

to fly towards a secret sky ”

#2 from the photo appreciation series by Mace Ave dedicated to style of original photographer and blog : pixandum

His photography often has a message in the viewing and a quality of subject and photo composition 

"Occasional words for those who feast on thought. Hope you’re not too hungry.” - Sam Weinstein 


First lot of prints from the swap are here! I think the only thing better than making prints of your photos and sending them to people, is when you get such gorgeous prints in the mail. 

1) Pixandum sent me one of his favourites, which has become one of my favourites. It’s moody and beautiful, and I love it. 2) Majavillarroel sent two beautiful prints of magical landscapes.3) Samemoon sent a very animated and lovely sepia-toned print. 4) And look at this absolutely fantastic bunch from Quango-bingo (including two ‘frog eyes’ =) ). Thank you all! 

How awesome are these guys? Check out their tumblrs for more of their work.