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Édouard Manet Woman with Parrot by jpbrewer1963

Édouard Manet (1832–1883) was a French painter. He was one of the first 19th-century artists to paint modern life, and a pivotal figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism.

The Game Part 1/3

Hi guys! Here’s the story I was really excited to share! I am exploring a new way of writing that’s a little challenging for me, so please tell me what you think! Also, I am LIVING through this character holy moly. Happy Saturday! 

Things to know: Time Period: 1940′s Bucky, tiny Steve, Info: Reader and Bucky have mutual friend in Steve, but Reader and Bucky don’t really know each other too well….UNTIL NOW BOOM BABY 

No Warnings

“Oh-ho-hooooooh-my-god, oh my god, Bucky Barnes just asked me to dance.” 

Your friend, Maria, had just walked over to the corner table of the bar and whispered her news to you and Steve. Well, she tried to walk, but her excitement had her practically galloping over to you. And her whispering sounding more like breathy shouting as she waved her hands in the air like she was shaking off water at a sink.

As she rambled on about how she hoped her hair and lipstick were still in place and she smoothed down her already perfect dress with her dainty hands, your eyes floated over to Bucky Barnes. He had absolutely heard Maria’s little freak out based on the way his head hung to hide his proud grin that was probably more of a smirk. 

“Well, go! Don’t keep him waiting!” you shooed her away playfully.

“Alright,” Maria said, smoothing down her dress once again. The second she turned to walk away, she spun around to you again and asked, “But, do I look-”

“You look absolutely beautiful, right Steve?” you interrupted her worries.

Steve suppressed his eye roll and smiled. “Yes. Go get ‘em, Maria.”

Maria nodded nervously, her hands glued to the soft fabric on her slim figure. She pivoted and spun on the toes of her new black heels and sashayed over to her dance partner. His soft, lopsided smile was the last thing you saw before you looked down and distracted yourself with the straw in your watered down coke. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Steve loosen his tie that looked a little too long for his small torso. He slid his chair away from the table and stuck his hand out to you. “You wanna go dance?” he asked. 

You smiled at him, but wrinkled your nose. “Nah, s’okay. I think I’m gonna go grab another soda. You want anything?” you said, pointing your thumb over your shoulder in the direction of the bar.

“Oh, come on,” he said and leaned in to you so you would hear him over the loud music. “I know we were both dragged here, but we could try to have some fun.”

He watched your features soften and your smile grow bigger than it had been all night. “You’re right, let’s go.” You took his hand and quickly kicked off your heels and left them under the table.

The band was roaring, the trumpets blared in your ears and the drums shook your core. You and Steve pretended to swing dance and laughed at your attempts that included unbalanced sugar twists, kicks, and spins. 

You pulled Steve closer to you so you could shout in his ear, “We look ridiculous, but this is the most fun I’ve had all month!”

A laugh escaped him that you could hardly hear over the music. “I look ridiculous, but you look pretty good!” You read his lips before he spun you around one last time as the last chord of the song was played.

The whole dance floor spun to the platform that held up the band and applauded. The next song was a slow one, the sound of a saxophone singing the high pitches made your heart sink. You started to return to your table when Steve grabbed your hand.

“Hey, (Y/N), one more,” he said, suggesting another dance.

You nodded and placed your hand on his shoulder while he gently held your free hand. His quick surge of confidence ran away from him as he awkwardly placed his hand high on your waist and began rocking you back and forth. Your smile wasn’t as bright anymore, but Steve knew it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t miss how your eyes flickered over to Bucky and Maria.

After a verse of quiet dancing, Steve’s voice caught your attention. “You’re a good friend, (Y/N).”

You patted his shoulder. “Aw, shucks, Steve-o. You’re makin’ me blush,” you joked.

“Shut up,” he chided as he spun you around, making you giggle, catching the attention of some of the other dancers. You didn’t care though.

When you landed back facing him, he continued. “I mean it, (Y/N), there aren’t many people like you out there. Hell, you’re dancin’ around the dirty bar floor in your bare feet just so I won’t feel so short.”

You snorted and felt heat rise to your cheeks. 

“Didn’t think I would notice?” Steve asked with raised eyebrows.

You shook your head, making him scoff. He rocked you back and forth as the music swelled, and when it lulled he said, “And you’re a good friend to Maria.”

“So are you, Steve,” you said, wondering where he was going with all this. 

He sighed, like he was having trouble saying what he wanted to. Finally, he practically whispered to you, “I know you have feelings for Bucky, (Y/N), you don’t have to hide it from me.”

Your eyes narrowed and you shook your head. “Bucky Barnes? Steve, I hardly know the guy, I don’t like him-”

“You do. But you won’t even admit it to yourself because you know Maria has a crush on him now.” When you didn’t shoo him away, he continued. “But maybe Maria’s not the girl for him.”

“That doesn’t matter-”

“(Y/N), you know Maria, she’ll get over him and move on to somebody else in a week-”

“Don’t say that about her,” you hissed over the music.

“You know it’s true!” He didn’t try to hide how irritated he was. 

The song had ended and the dancers were clapping as you yelled over them. “Just leave it alone, Steve!” you shouted and turned walked back to your table. 

You slipped your shoes back on and wrung your napkin in your hands, trying to calm yourself down. Guilt began to pool in your stomach as you thought about how that wretched conversation started. You just screamed at Steve after he told you what a good friend you were. 

Something thumped on the table in front of you and you looked up to see that Steve had replaced your warm coke with a fresh one.

“I’m sorry. I’m just watchin’ out for you and I poked my nose too far in your business,” he said with a sip through his straw.

“S’okay,” you said with a mock pout that quickly turned into a grin.

“Just don’t count yourself out so soon, okay?”

You sipped your soda and shook your head, making Steve roll his eyes. “Stubborn,” he mumbled, and you laughed.

By the time you and Steve finished your sodas the band was halfway through their last song of the night. You gathered your things just in time to applaud the band after the loud swing tune. Maria met you and Steve by the door and as you walked out, she gave you all the details of her night.

“He’s such a great dancer, (Y/N)!”

“I saw you guys! It looked like you were having a great time.” You smiled, genuinely happy that your friend had a nice night.

“It was such a great time. And, hey, I saw you got Steve up on the dance floor, nice goin’!” She added. 

“Actually, it was Steve-o here who dragged me up there,” you giggled and cocked your brow. You linked your arm in Steve’s after he growled and patted his arm. 

“Wow, Steve look at you being-”

“Oh shoot!” you interrupted her. “I left my shawl on my chair in the bar. My sister’s gonna kill me if I don’t give it back to her in the morning.”

“We can go back,” Steve shrugged.

“Nah, I’ll just go. I’ll meet you guys in a minute,” you waved and started back in the direction you came from, the bright light of the bars and convenience stores lighting your way.

When you walked through the doors of the club, only the janitor remained with the band members who were packing up their instruments. You quickly walked over to the table where you and Steve had been sitting for most of the night, but when you arrived, your sweater wasn’t there. You frantically leaned down to look under the table, hoping you had simply dropped it and not lost it. 

There was nothing under the table but crumbs and a napkin, which you picked up and tossed next to the coke you had been drinking. Just as dread plagued your stomach, you heard someone say your name. 

“Hey (Y/N), this is yours, isn’t it?”

You looked up to the door of the bar to see Bucky Barnes holding out your shawl. His cheeks were flushed and his chest rising and falling faster than normal. “I saw it sitting here and ran to find Steve, but he said you had already come back for it.”

You swallowed thickly and walked over to him, nodding your head. “Yeah, it’s mine. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he said. Before you could take the sweater from him, he was hanging it on your shoulders and ushering you out the door. “Let’s get you home, huh? It’s late.”

“Oh, that’s okay, Steve and Maria are waiting for me about a block down,” you excused, propping your hair behind your ears and glancing at the sidewalk.

“I told them to go ahead, that I’d walk you home,” he cleared his throat. “Is that okay?”

You nodded quickly, which probably looked more like a neck spasm because of your nerves.

After a few silent steps, Bucky shifted his gaze from the ground to you and asked if you had a good time.

“Yeah, I did. What about you?” You returned.

“Yeah, I had a nice time. S’a good band, ya know?”

He swung his arms as he walked, but you felt yourself moseying along as stiff as a board.

“Ya know what’s funny?”

“What?” you asked, looking up at him for the first time since you left the bar.

“You and I are both such good friends with Steve, but we never see each other. We don’t spend any time together.”

You hummed in agreement.

“In fact, I think this is the first time you and I have said more than three words to each other,” he said. 

You laughed and felt your shoulders relax a bit. “Yeah, I think it is.”

He chuckled, the sound deep and easy.

“I saw you two dancing out there tonight, looked like fun,” Bucky said.

“Yeah, he dragged me out there, but I had a great time,” you said fondly.

“Really?” he asked. “I thought it would have been the other way around.” 

“Maria said that too,” you laughed, pointing a finger at the coincidence. 

He shook his head. “I’ve never heard of Steve asking a pretty girl to dance.”

You tried to ignore the compliment, but your efforts were useless. You looked at the marquees hanging on the buildings beside you to hide your red cheeks. “We’re good friends, that’s all.”

“I know,” he nodded his head, suddenly serious. “I’ve never seen him open up to someone the way he does with you. It’s nice to see.”

When you glanced his way, you saw his bright blue eyes already on you. You hummed in agreement. “He’s a wonderful friend to me. He babies me too much, but hey-” your own laugh cut you off as you shrugged. 

Bucky chuckled with you. “Well, he cares a lot about you.” You didn’t miss him lick his lips. “I feel like I know you inside and out from the way he talks about you all the time.”

“I could say the same thing about you,” you teased. 

“Oh, boy.” He ran his hand through his hair. “Hopefully, you only hear the nice stories,” he said, which made you giggle. 

“Don’t worry,” you reassured him. “Steve shines the brightest light on you.” You caught his lopsided grin before he turned his head away from you. Was he blushing?

As you came up to your apartment, you said to Bucky, “I’m glad Steve has you. He needs a guy friend,” you said with a crinkled nose. “Someone to keep him up to date on the Dodgers.”

That made him laugh. 

He followed you up the stairs to the front door. When you reached the landing and turned to face him he said,  “And I’m glad Steve has you. Someone to dance with.” He winked when you chuckled. 

His eyes flickered from you to the ground and his tongue shot out to graze over his pink lips again. “Maybe I can steal you from him sometime.”

His suggestion made you stand a little straighter and a smirk played on your lips. “You’ll have to take that up with Steve.”

He shoved his hands in his pockets and pushed down until you thought the seams would rip right then. “I will,” he said with a nod.

His eyes stared into yours until you felt your cheeks turn pink at the contact. You pushed your hair behind your ear and thanked him for walking you home.

“My pleasure.”

You turned around and opened the door, but before you could step inside, the urgency in his voice stopped you, like he forgot something. “Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“Goodnight, Bucky.” You smiled at him one last time, stepped inside and closed the door behind you. In the dark, you leaned against the door and took a shaky breath, afraid your legs would give out.

Steve was right. You shouldn’t have counted yourself out so early in the game.

Part 2 


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Tessa Thompson on a Decade Defying On-Screen Stereotypes
The actress takes us from Veronica Mars to her hard-drinking, Han Solo-inspired, bisexual Marvel superhero—and beyond.
By Joanna Robinson

Tessa Thompson is a hard person to track down these days. Currently caught up in the whirlwind publicity tour for her role as the warrior Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok and also filming the second season of Westworld for HBO, the 34-year-old has become a pivotal figure in the world of sci-fi and comic-book storytelling. Once a place largely reserved for square-jawed heroes and blonde damsels, genre film and TV has only recently become friendly to young, non-white actresses like Thompson; the same goes for Hollywood as a whole. Asked on a recent phone call to describe some of the more stereotypical roles she’s been asked to audition for, Thompson laughed. “How long do you have?” Her tone got more serious. “Really and truly.”

But since her first on-screen roles—as a bootlegging lesbian from the 1930s on a 2005 episode of Cold Case, then a rich, mean girl with surprising layers on Veronica Mars—Thompson has been firmly pushing the boundaries of what a young, black actress should be expected to play in Hollywood. Informed by a theater background that included work with the all-female Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company, Thompson has repeatedly sought out roles that defy gender and racial stereotypes.

She admits that in some ways, she’s been “really, really lucky” to be offered complex roles in the likes of Dear White People, Selma, and Creed. But Thompson has also steered her own ship. When the conversation turns, as most Hollywood conversations do these days, to the subject of Harvey Weinstein, Thompson explains: “I was asked to meet with Harvey once and didn’t end up going—the role was really nothing. He hasn’t been incredibly interested in the course of his career with presenting women of color with much to do, with some few notable exceptions.”

Thompson’s fight for what she calls “well-defined” characters—she cites a recent tweet from actress Jessica Chastain in rejecting the phrase “strong women”—is ongoing. Even with her star firmly on the rise, she still gets offered two-dimensional roles like “a single parent who’s upset with her baby daddy and just moves the story along for the male lead.” She also still encounters the “micro-aggressions” of being a female performer; “‘Sweetie’ or ‘darling’ is interchangeable with your name the way it isn’t for your male cohorts,” she says. Still, Thompson has blazed an enviable path. She took a tour of her most memorable roles to explain how stereotypes are made to be broken.

VERONICA MARS (2005-2006)

Thompson joined the Kristen Bell-led series for 22 episodes in its second season as a rich, mean girl, Jackie Cook, who eventually revealed layers of vulnerability.

Q: The world of Veronica Mars already had villains who were white girls named Madison and Shelly. How did show creator Rob Thomas flip that part for you?

Tessa Thompson: It’s funny to liken Veronica Mars to Westworld, but it was similar in that I didn’t really know where that character was going at all—I don’t think Rob Thomas did either. The fan reaction was intense because Jackie was not very pleasant to Veronica, and of course she’s our hero. I think the writers, in an attempt to redeem Jackie and also make a compelling case for me to stick around, wanted to kind of soften her. As a result, she had a really fascinating character arc.

Q: Veronica Mars was a show completely preoccupied with ideas of class. How did Jackie introduce more questions of race into that world?

TT: You look back at some of the quips—someone accuses Jackie of “skulking around” and she responds, “oh, you mean standing while black?” It was so cool that they were doing work like that. It would take me a while to get back to getting to do that kind of work. I think as an actor when you’re starting off early in your career, you’re kind of just seeing what lands. But Veronica Mars definitely primed me to look for surprising, dynamic women. It took me awhile to realize how cool that job was. Looking back I’m like, “God, that was really cool.”

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On this day in music history: July 2, 1971 - “Get It On” by T.Rex is released. Written by Marc Bolan, it is the ninth UK and fourth US single release for the glam rock band from London, UK fronted by musician Marc Bolan. One of the pivotal figures and icons of the glam rock movement of the 70’s, like his friend and some time rival David Bowie, Marc Bolan finds himself going through numerous musical transformations before achieving stardom. Born Mark Feld in Stoke Newington in the North East London borough of Hackney in 1947, Marc becomes infatuated by the first wave of rock & roll while still a school boy. By the 60’s, he is making moves toward making his dreams of becoming a rock star come true. However, there are numerous set backs and stumbling blocks along the way, making folk rock recordings inspired by his musical hero Bob Dylan, none of which make the charts. Changing his name to Marc Bolan, he forms the band Tyrannosaurus Rex in 1967, at first creating a hybrid of psychedelic folk rock, before evolving into their trademark glam rock sound. In 1970, after shortening their name to T.Rex, Bolan finally makes his major breakthrough with the single “Ride A White Swan” which hits #1 on the UK singles chart in January of 1971. While writing songs for T.Rex’s second album, Bolan takes inspiration from another one of his early rock & roll heroes, Chuck Berry. The initial idea for what becomes “Get It On”, comes when Bolan initially intends to record of cover of Berry’s song “Little Queenie”. Eventually, he changes his mind and writes a new song with that same feel, finishing off “Get It On” quickly. Paying further tribute to Berry, Bolan quotes the lyric “meanwhile, I’m still thinking” (from “Little Queenie”) at the end of “Get It On”. The track is recorded at Wally Heider Studios in Hollywood, CA and Trident Studios in London with producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie), and features T.Rex members Steve Currie (bass) and Bill Legend (drums) and Mickey Finn (congas). Also on the song are Blue Weaver (Bee Gees) (piano), King Crimson saxophonist Ian McDonald and former Turtles members Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman (aka “Flo & Eddie”) on backing vocals. The single is an immediate smash in the UK and rockets to the top on July 24, 1971, spending four weeks at the top. In the US, the record does not have such a fast trajectory. Re-titled “Bang A Gong (Get It On)”, it languishes for five long months before finally charting. Entering the Hot 100 at #87 on January 1, 1972, it peaks at #10 on March 4, 1972. Along with its accompanying album “Electric Warrior”, “Get It On” turns Marc Bolan into a glam rock icon, and becomes one of the definitive songs of the movement. The song has a long life after its run on the charts. In 1985, The Power Station cover “Get It On”, with their version peaking at #9 on the Hot 100 in August of 1985, one position higher than T.Rex’s original.


Dancer Kazuo Ohno from the book 胡蝶の夢 Butterfly Dream, 2006

Eikoh Hosoe 


Description from Artnet:  “The butterfly dream – a collection of photographs taken over a period of 46 years – represents Hosoe’s homage to the charismatic butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno. It was published as a book, which was released on 27 October 2006 in celebration of Ohno’s 100th birthday.

Originally an instructor in physical education and performer of modern dance, Ohno befriended Tatsumi Hijikata in the 1950s and became a pivotal figure in the development of the butoh performance movement. Ohno’s poetic dance style stems from his belief in the transcendental nature of human experience, that the human body has a memory of sensations and knows no limits of self-expression.

Following closely his friend’s extremely long and successful career – Ohno continued to perform late into his 90s – Hosoe has captured some of the most poignant and magical moments in the history of butoh. In honour of Ohno’s long-held conviction in the importance of achieving freedom of body and mind, Hosoe named his photographic exploration of Ohno’s unique art after the famous Daoist allegory in which the philosopher Zhuangzi dreamt he was a butterfly, but once awake, wondered if he was a man dreaming to be a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming to be Zhuangzi.”  (via: Artnet)


June 18th 1815: Battle of Waterloo

On this day in 1815, French troops under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte were defeated by the seventh coalition, led by the British Duke of Wellington and the Prussian von Blücher at the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon was then forced to abdicate the French throne for the second and last time, thus signalling the end of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars which had raged since 1792. The seventh coalition was finally able to defeat Napoleon’s formidable army at Waterloo when the French - whose backup failed to arrive - were driven from the field by the numerically superior and better commanded allies. The Battle of Waterloo was a major success and victory for the coalition forces, and became a legendary episode in the history of warfare. Despite his ultimate defeat, Napoleon is still considered one of the greatest generals of all time, and a pivotal figure in French history.

EXO Theory Pt. 5.75 - Parallel Universe

So, we had eclipse and now we have parallel universe. Bitch, I’m hyped up and ready to rumble with EXO for the rest of my life, this shit interesting. Let’s start analysing the crap outta this 20 second thing!

Theory Masterpost

Sequence of Events:

MAMA/History/What Is Love - Miracles in December - Romantic Universe - KoKoBop  - MAMA 2016 VCR - (Parallel Universe) - Lucky One - Overdose - Love Me Right - Wolf/Growl - Lotto - Coming Over  -  Pathcodes/Call Me Baby - Monster  - Sing For You  - For Life - Parallel Universe - The Eclipse???? - MAMA 2016 Performance

So, let’s start at the beginning of this teaser. We are introduced to EXO Planet Ep. 2641, which looks an awful lot like a comic book themed thing - likely the comic we see Suho reading. There’s a great theory about the significance of this number 2641 here, and I very much agree with it, and to expand on it, with regard to parallel universes, I’d like to assume that this Parallel Universe will be set at the time of this eclipse, so in the future, and actually, the Eclipse from the teaser last week is the eclipse from this point in 2019.

However, it’s important to remember that (although he’s no longer in EXO) we once had a Guardian who had the ability to bend time, and therefore space. So, time is non linear in this storyline, for the most part. If Tao were still here we could really explore this a whole lot more, but as such… we still have Kai! Anyway, I’ll come back to this point in a sec, I’m just kind of enforcing the point that although it’s in the future, as this is a different Universe… it doesn’t necessarily mean that in the usual timeline - which is why in the Sequence of Events above, Parallel Universe is in 2 points.

And back to the actual clip.  I think it’s kind of interesting what each member’s doing in this video.

We have Suho reading an EXO ‘The War’ comic (once more gaining new information, like in Overdose~), Sehun throwing one of those balls the members had in that bonus video, and in ‘The War’ postcards as well (this is clearly connecting these members to the ones with superpowers in the comic). Chanyeol staring into a cup is the least interesting.. I really have very little idea what this could be representing. D.O and Xiu are playing Jenga - very very clearly insinuating control, and of being the builders. Literally the builders of the dream world that the EXO Members are trapped in (remember, Xiu is the archive of information in this story, and Soo the eyes!)

Chen and Kai are also playing a game, but a video game. I think this is meaningful but honestly I don’t know how to really explain it at this point. I might come back to it in another part. The most important member to look at here though, is Baekhyun. We see Baek spinning a globe and then placing his hand underneath the light and holding the same hand back on the Earth. Excuse me, but is this not exactly the sequence of Light over the Earth, light being blocked out by an object (hand here), Light back over the Earth. An eclipse?

Hmm? And then, right after this moment, they all turn to the door. 

So, this is a parallel universe, a parallel set of EXO members, a parallel set of Guardians. Who are all together, not separated. Except for one member. Lay.

I put the first part of this idea after KoKoBop… seems obvious, but I have other reasons. Remember the flashing sepia toned memories I spoke about in Part 5? Well, there was something very important hidden in them, I thought.

Firstly, ignore the Baek one, but focus on the Kai one. It’s not just me that sees an 8 flash very quickly, only for one frame, is it? At the end of RomUni we see Kai drive off in the car at the end, as he is gaining some control of the situation they’re in. And, Lay is one of Kai’s counterparts, as seen in Lucky One. I have quite a bit to say about Kai in KKB tbh (and just generally… I’ll never finish writing down my full theory I really don’t think I will) but I do think he’s being quite rebellious during this MV. I think with this flashing 8 he’s telling their captors.. oh there was only 8 of us you needed, which is obviously not true… as witnessed by…

See that 9? Hmm, well, if you remember I said that D.O was likely very suspicious of Lay and Baek during RomUni because they were never tested like the rest of them. Well, tbh, I never knew exactly why these two weren’t tested, except to make the members doubt each other, or because perhaps Lay and Baek were like… on the edge of the dream like thing, and not fully captured? And tbh, this has answered so many questions regarding this! That’s exactly what happened; Baek and Lay were not fully captured at this point. And if that’s not suspicious to all-not-really-knowing-but-somewhat-knowing Soo what is? So he’s saying… actually not there are 9 of us assholes, where the hell’s Lay?

Knock knock, who’s there?

Well hello there, it’s a fucking eclipse in an eye. Where have I seen something stupidly similar before?

Oh but wait…that also looks familiar..?

Why do we keep getting close ups of Lay’s right eye? And why is there always an eclipse seen in them?? What’s going on? Well, what I reckon is that Lay is the one who comes in at this point of the Parallel Universe clip when everyone looks to the camera. (This doesn’t necessarily mean I think he’s in the comeback because I doubt it but anyway!). The reason for this is because of his absence in KKB storywise, the 8 and 9 thing above, and the fact we have seen Lay three freaking times now, with an eclipse mirrored in his eye! I think that Lay is very significant in the eclipse narrative. In the last post about the Eclipse teaser, I spoke about how I thought Baekhyun was a representative of the sun in an eclipse, as his power is light. We see a lot of imagery in Lose Control with Lay and the moon, the other half of the eclipse. I don’t think this is a coincidence, especially as Lay and Baek were original counterparts!

So here we have Baekhyun kind of act out a metaphorical eclipse, and then Lay comes in through the door. So how did he get to this parallel universe? Well, like I said a bit earlier, I don’t think he was properly trapped at the beginning. 

Well basically, the members in the Parallel Universe are the ones who are actually trapped physically.. .not the Guardians, the ones with powers. Except for Suho and Xiu (I went over this before!) the Guardians are only trapped in this dream state. which is why the Red Forces haven’t made their move yet.

However I think there’s more to this. I wrote the ParaUni in two separate places, because Lay has travelled there in two different spaces in time. Just after KKB and MAMA VCR, and just before the big 2019 Total Eclipse.

Lay is a pivotal figure, being a counterpart to both the Light/Heart of the Tree of Life, and the one who can bend time and space and travel between worlds and planes. THIS IS SO SUPER SIGNIFICANT! And it’s not even to mention that he can freaking heal things! Yixing’s so fucking important and I can’t believe it! He’s at both these points in time to both warn the trapped members who are likely oblivious, get kind of trapped himself (as witnessed by his huge role in Lucky One!), and to start in motion the events of the War. This is what I truly believe, and I hope the MV will kind of confirm this. 

I have so much to say about parallel universes and how they fit in with my overall theory but I wanna wait and see if this is confirmed or massively debunked with this upcoming comeback before I go on and on too much! But yes, I hope this made sense, this was very much a stream of consciousness writing thing so haha it might not!


In 2014, Finnish musician Tuomas Holopainen of the symphonic metal band Nightwish released his first solo album, titled “Music Inspired by the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.” He was, of course, paying tribute to Don Rosa’s epic, award-winning saga from the 1990s.

In Chapter 8 of said saga, “King of the Klondike,” Rosa began in earnest his exploration of the Scrooge/Goldie relationship, which he had previously toyed with in Uncle Scrooge Adventures #5’s “Last Sled to Dawson.” “King of the Klondike” would spawn many additional tales before Rosa’s unfortunate retirement in 2008.

Thanks to Rosa and DuckTales, Goldie became a pivotal figure within the McDuck Legend, and one who will continue to be explored in DT 2017 (if I’m interpreting the hints of story editor Frank Angones correctly).

Naturally, Tuomas devoted an entire track of his album to Goldie and Scrooge. It’s beautiful, evocative, and chilling, hence the title “Cold Heart of the Klondike.” I hope you enjoy it…

I was rereading bnha at 3am bc fuck sleep I’m a masochist and came across the author’s notes/omake sections of each volume. Specifically, the one in volume 7:

At first glance, it’s like “cool, plot teasing!” And then, my high performing memory kicks in and I go, “wait a sec, that kid. looks familiar. why.” 

*back tracks several pages*

*back tracks several chapters*


*back tracks to the fucking first chapter*


At this point I mentally combusted a bit, all the while yelling what the hell horikoshi-sensei. Eventually I calmed down enough try and think this through at 3am running on sleep-deprivation and brain faltering from a 50 chapter reading marathon I am full of good ideas

So a few things of note: 

  • the winged noumu that singled out deku has some sort of relation to the doodle of a bald chubby kid with wings
  • aforementioned kid with wings bears a striking resemblance to one of the kids from deku’s childhood flashbacks, specifically the one that was also somewhat chubby, bald and has wings 
  • i mean they even have similar, if not the same, facial features and expression
  • not to mention winged bald kid consistently wears a tank top through all the memory flashbacks, and oh what’s that the kid doodled as a hint to the winged noumu wearing? a tank top 

SO. What does this mean? [throws hands up in air in IDK gesture] I have a few ideas, none of which has a very solid backing, granted the limited information we’ve been given on both noumus and bald kid with wings the noumu lab was so conveniently destroyed, thanks a lot AFO 

1. Bald kid with wings got turned in a noumu. Holy fck. 
2. Bald kid with wings had his Quirk stolen by All For One, who then, idk, administered (??) it to a noumu, thus birthing that specific winged noumu. 
3. Bald kid’s brain was extracted and implanted into a noumu. why are noumus’ brain matter exposed why

Wow none of these scenarios are good for the kid. I almost want that doodle to be a red herring. 

For now, I will proceed under the assumption that is it not. Pivotal to figuring out the connection, if there is one, is to answer the question that was posed: why, of all the people there, did the winged noumu grab Deku specifically? 

Sure, Shigaraki could have given the command for them to capture Deku, but it doesn’t fit with their later agenda, which revealed Deku was on their kill-list. If they were gonna abduct someone during this impulsive rampage, Shigaraki would have -should have - directed the noumus’ attention to Kacchan. 

What if the winged noumu, even after its perverse chimerization, somehow still managed to retain just the barest inklings of self? What if seeing Deku triggered something that had been bury deep, deep, deep into its subconsciousness, so the noumu made a grab for him, because Deku seemed familiar? Because Deku was a connection to a time when the noumu was still human? (i want to set this theory on fire there’s so many holes in it ugh) 

Thus far, what we know of the noumus (based on the one captured at USJ) is that they hold multiple Quirks, have DNA from several different individuals bc of that and seem to be braindead. 

Alternatively, maybe Shigaraki did command the noumus to bring back Kacchan if they ran into him. We still don’t actually know the full mental capacities of the noumus. Winged noumu, with possibly the kid from Deku and Kacchan’s childhood mixed into its composition, saw Deku and either consciously or unconsciously connected the dots: getting Deku would lead to Kacchan. (tbh i don’t really buy this one either, bc from what we’ve seen of noumus so far, they don’t seem capable of higher thought process)

All in all, the winged noumu’s connection to the bald kid with wings is very tenacious at best. I’m also not 100% sure it’s not a red herring. If it is, I will simultaneously breathe a great sigh of relief while punching a nearby wall really hard. 

One last note:

In middle school, the bald kid with wings is no longer hanging out with Kacchan BUT the long-haired dude with…the…uhhh…paper finger extensions (wtf is that even called???) is. So where’s the winged kid? Innocent explanation is that he’s attending a different middle school. Or that he’s moved. Yeah. That’s totally it. 

Pls give us noumu story soon sensei


On this day in music history: May 25, 1970 - “All Right Now” by Free is released. Written by Andy Fraser and Paul Rodgers, it is the third single release and biggest hit for the London based hard rock/blues band from London, UK. Formed in 1968, the four members of Free, lead singer Paul Rodgers, bassist Andy Fraser, drummer Simon Kirke and guitarist Paul Kossoff are all still teenagers when they play their first live gig at a London pub in April of that year. The band are given their name by musician Alexis Korner, a pivotal and highly important figure in London’s blues/rock scene, with many future superstars including Rolling Stones members Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Brian Jones, as well as future Cream members Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker pass through the ranks of Korner’s band Blues Incorporated. Within several months, Free are attracting big crowds to their live performances and are signed to Island Records in the UK (and A&M Records in the US). Their first two albums sell modestly and yield no major hits. In January of 1970, Free return to the studio to begin work on their third album. Paul Rodgers and Andy Fraser form a solid songwriting partnership over the previous albums, and write five of the seven songs for the new album. Fraser writes the music for “All Right Now” after a show at the Durham Students Union at Durham University in about ten minutes. Rodgers writes the lyrics while waiting for the rest of the band to pick him up for a gig. Band mates Kossoff and Kirke initially don’t think much of the song, but agree to record it. The basic track is recorded completely live at Trident Studios in London, with Rodgers overdubbing his lead vocal on the song at another session. Buried at the end of the second side of the “Fire And Water”, the five and a half minute plus track is edited for single release, and issued a month ahead of the album. Initially, the record attracts very little attention, but their fortunes change when US radio stations begin playing the song during the Summer. The turning point in the UK comes after Free play the legendary Isle Of Wight festival on August 31, 1970. From there, the record explodes, quickly rising to #2 on the UK singles chart. In the US, “All Right Now” enters the Hot 100 at #96 on August 15, 1970, peaking at #4 on October 17, 1970. The success of the single propels the “Fire And Water” album to #2 on the UK album chart, #17 on the Billboard Top 200, turning Gold in both countries. Now established as a classic rock anthem, “All Right Now” is covered by numerous artists, including versions by The Runaways, Rod Stewart, The Alarm and former Wham! background vocalists Pepsi & Shirlie. Steve Miller is inspired to write “Rock ‘N’ Me” (#1 Pop) in 1976 as a tribute to guitarist Paul Kossoff after his untimely passing. Free’s original version becomes one of the most played songs in the history of US radio, with more than three million plays by 2006.

I know I haven’t written anything yet besides my Raw liveblogging yells, I’m not used to do it cause first of all there are people who do it way better than me, and secondly because I always need some time to process what I’ve seen, especially in these last months, so I rather spam your dash with gifs and edits and leave text posts to others.
This time is different, though, because I really have too much stuff to get off of my chest. Because basically the booking that Dean and Seth are getting is way more than everything I’ve been dreaming about in two years of delirious Ambrollins fangirl headcanons. Because that night of July 2016, while crying real tears over my boys being split by the draft after a few months from Seth’s return and a glorious but too short feud, I couldn’t imagine at all that they would have ever had such a great storyline just a year later. Because Dean and Seth being tag team partners on their own and chasing the titles together was something too big I never dared to dream for real.
Seth said too many important things in that promo. He exposed Dean’s feelings as only he knows how, with that Seth Rollins’ cockiness that he still uses as an armour to look strong and not emotionally involved… but Seth is just as weak as Dean when it comes to his wrestling soulmate. He didn’t do all this to manipulate him for other purposes, cause he’s not the one to become Grand Slam champion if they’re going after the tag team titles. And he wouldn’t have borne so many continuous rejections if it wasn’t about Dean Ambrose. As I wrote previously, Dean was the pivotal figure to definitively legitimate Seth’s face turn: he made several steps in that direction so far, but that wasn’t enough… he needed Dean to redesign, rebuild and redeem himself.
“A look at your eyes tells me that you’re lying, cause the truth is, I know you care, and I know you know that if we teamed up again, we could run this place. […] Maybe our differences is why we work so well together, maybe that’s why that whether we’re fighting against each other, or especially WITH each other, there’s nobody that can touch us.“
Seth talked directly to Dean’s heart this time, not to his guts. And when he thought there was nothing else to say and do to convince him and turned away to get out of the ring, Dean held him. That was the moment my heart stopped beating for a while. The most. Beautiful. Moment. Ever.
And then, they started to fight. Cause none of them can get over it. They kicked the shit out of each other like during the good old times of their feud cause they still don’t know what their feelings are, but they still have a lot of them for each other. It was damn intense and touching, I was breathless for the whole time. And when Cesaro and Sheamus interrupted them to throw them off, those deep feelings came out again. Dean’s face when they were both punching Seth was something I won’t ever forget: for the first time in years, he truly realised they were attacking not the guy he has been constantly bickering with for the last three years… they were attacking his brother. And Seth, like Dean, went immediately to his rescue when they were on him: they both fought like lions to protect each other and this time it wasn’t about proving something: it was the protective instinct coming out, it was about being one the shield for each other.
I’m so grateful for all this. I’m incredibly happy that the ones they’re feuding with for the titles are Sheamus and Cesaro, cause it has a symbolic meaning: they became the most threatening tag team of Raw starting as enemies who through time turned into good friends, which is basically what is happening to Dean and Seth. But Dean and Seth have a way deeper background story, and them being on the same page again after going through all this is the ultimate step for being actually ready to challenge their opponents.
And this isn’t even the best thing of the whole story, cause what is making it really EPIC is the fact that the whole WWE universe has never been so invested as much as it’s being invested into this angle. Since I’ve been a fan, I’ve never seen the crowd cheering a friendship this way, and actually the only time I’ve witnessed so much hype was when they had their last feud before the first draft. Because haters can blabber whatever they want, Seth himself proved them wrong with that last promo, saying it loud and clear: whether they’re friends or enemies, Rollins and Ambrose make fans’ hearts beat faster. And there’s something else that speaks volumes about it: Seth, the Man, Raw’s first choice, hasn’t been involved in the main title picture for almost a year now, and many may think that him and Dean being reduced to a tag team could be a a downfall for two main eventers like them; yet, his last tweets about it are clearly showing how he’s being genuinely HAPPY of his booking. He’s happy to be side by side with his Dean again and he just can’t hide it, and none can say this is just “fanservice”, cause everyone knows the numberless times he talked out of character about the special bond between them two. If this isn’t the greatest thing that WWE has given us in years, I don’t know what to say.


And now, the only thing in Gundam Orphans that I still care about… visual design!
With the recent release of the Iron-Blooded Orphans Mechanical Works book, we can confirm which of the Seven Stars emblems belongs to which of Gjallarhorn’s ruling families, via this emblem guide in the back of the book:

Some of this was made clear in the show, but as recently as mid-season 2 I know there was some confusion about it, and I’m not sure if we even got a clear look at all 7 emblems in the show itself.

  • Fareed, in blue, has Fenrir, the biggest and most famous wolf around the great wolf that plays a pivotal role in Ragnarok. This has symbolic value, because Gjallarhorn’s Fareeds love to start shit and don’t listen to anyone.
  • Bauduin, in purple, has Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged horse. This represents the Bauduin family’s tradition of having a Gundam that transforms into a centaur???
  • Elion, in red, has Jormungandr, the serpent that encircles Midgard, another pivotal figure in Ragnarok. Jormungandr is not known for suddenly turning out to be a pretty good dude in the last five minutes of Ragnarok.
  • Kujan, in tan, has Huginn and Muninn, Odin’s twin ravens. Their names mean “Thought” and “Memory”, two mental faculties which the son of the Kujan family consistently fails to exercise.
  • Issue, in yellow, has Ratatoskr, the squirrel which scurries up and down the world tree Yggdrasil. This is cute because Carta Issue was in charge of whether people are allowed to come to Earth from space and such.
  • Falk, in green, has Nidhoggr, the serpent which chews on the roots of Yggdrasil. Obviously the Falk family representative is that other guy who’s always just sitting there with Nemo Baklazan in the council room, but I don’t even remember him from the show.
  • Baklazan, in orange, is probably Verdfolnir, the bird who lives at the top of Yggdrasil. This seems like an obscure pull - for instance, Hraesvelgr is a more popular Norse bird name in Japanese pop culture - but it makes the most sense, since Verdfolnir and Nidhoggr are best friends with Ratatoskr. That doesn’t have anything to do with the Seven Stars families, though, as far as I can tell. 

Okay so like.

Doomed timelines right?

They happen when you fuck with time improperly or cause a catastrophe you can’t fix.

The kids in TMNT 2012 did both, and they ended up creating an incomplete/broken time loop. The earth was never destroyed, and they never went hunting for the black hole generator because it was already gone. So what are the kids in space doing? Not completing the time loop, because it doesn’t exist. There’s nothing to complete because there’s literally nothing to the time loop. It’s not even a loop anymore, it’s just straight up broken.

And the kids on earth? Yeah, they’re still from the doomed timeline. They’re not supposed to fucking EXIST anymore. Destroy a future, and the selves from that future should cease to exist.

But obviously.

They didn’t.

And so we had two sets of pivotal figures in a timeline, and one of those sets really, really shouldn’t have been alive anymore. Timelines tend to not like having two of the same person, let alone six persons, who wield so much influence on the course of history.


They tell the alpha timeline kids to fuck off, even though the alphas should be the ones continuing the timeline. And then the doomed kids take their places, which further damages the timeline, and results in the doomed end of the past timeline spreading to the healthy one.

Further evidence to this: Fugitoid didn’t end up with a double, because he fulfilled his purpose as a doomed self, and was sacrificed for the greater good. (hopefully?? I mean they did show his head in the last bit of the ep, and that could spell worse doom for the whole crew.)

That’s the purpose of a doomed double, they take the fall for the alpha timeline, giving up their lives to ensure the continuation of the healthy timeline. But this did. not. happen. with the six kids, and it ruined their efforts to fix their timeline.

These kids are so fucked, you don’t even know it. Doomed timelines have limited endings, and here, I’ll list a few that I know well:

A) it goes nowhere, petering off into nothingness, and ends in grey haze without real conclusion to any of the strife they’ve gone through.

B) everything just fucking implodes on itself and horrible horrible things happen to everyone and everything over and over until enough people die that nothing else can be done.

C) someone retcons the timeline, and tries for a neutral or good ending.

Currently? We tried the third option, and have ended up with the first.

All I can say to the kids right now, blithely living in a doomed timeline yet again: Y'ALL ARE FUCKED

Thus, in my opinion, they are the cause of why everything went to shit.



I highly doubt the writers intended this, but fuck, I’ll take this and make it known myself. It’s too intriguing to not.

So basically, personal headcanon now applied to things: ^^^this is why the timeline we’re experiencing right now is shit, and why so many disasters keep happening.

((and yeah, this is all very, very unlikely to be canon, but hey, I can have my wild fan theories if I want.))

anonymous asked:

💛 and 💞 with Merlin?

In what ways does your muse express their love to their partner?

Merlin really likes to surprise you with breakfast on a weekend morning. Especially if it’s the morning after a particularly long night of sex. He likes seeing you perched on the stool at the kitchen island, hair a mess, makeup half-on from the night before, in one of his shirts that you’ve plucked from the floor. He likes the way you look so carefree and happy, still half asleep as you clutch your coffee. 

You’re happiest then, he thinks, eating pancakes next to him and munching on bacon with no other plans for the day besides laying around with him and being lazy.

It may be small, but when he does that you know he loves you to the moon and back just like he says he does.

Does your muse believe in soulmates?

Merlin didn’t really know what to believe.

I mean, sure, his parents were pivotal figures of love in his life but he wasn’t too sure if there was one person destined for him in this world. He thinks that when he met you, though, that changed. I mean, maybe there was some other version of his life he’d be living if you hadn’t joined Kingsman and stayed in the military instead. Maybe he’d be in love with Jenny from medical. 

All he knows is that you two are soulmates now, if you weren’t already before.


history meme. | [1/7] Pairings - Alexandru & Ruxandra Lăpușneanu

Although, many details of their story are mingled between the historical facts and the recounted tale, both Alexandru and Ruxandra remain pivotant figures in the Romanian history and literature. It is known that in order to secure his second rule, Alexandru had to ally himself with the Turkish Empire and later become their vassal. And it was also the Turkish rule that pushed him to commit many of the murders, in order to keep his power. 

His death was marked by an episode of acute fever, when he was turned into a monk and his rule passed to his son. After the sickness passed, having found what happened, he threatened to kill everyone, even his own offspring, in order to gain his power back. Ruxandra, together with two nobles who escaped the massacre, plotted his death. 


Ever since I learned that githyanki swords cut silver chords, I wanted to know more about the astral plane. Thing is, no D&D supplement ever seemed to really know any more than I did. That changed when Monte Cook’s (no relation to Zeb) A Guide to the Astral Plane fell into my hands.

Cook is a pivotal figure in RPGs and I am not sure his approach to things really fits in my wheelhouse. That said, this is a masterpiece of imagination, charting the corners of a difficult-to-comprehend corner of the multiverse simply, concisely and with more adventure hooks than a tackle box.

The astral plane is less a plane itself than it is the space between planes. It’s a silvery void cluttered with the ductwork that connects the planes. Think of it as the hollow space inside your walls, except infinite and containing whales, dead gods and berbalangs. It was great fun to run a couple adventures here recently; despite buckling some swash against a githyanki warship, I think a brief encounter with an astral whale was the most memorable moment for the players.

This book contains my favorite DiTerlizzi art. He’s more refined here, tighter, with much more control over his watercolors and his choice of color palettes. Another artist named Adam Rex accompanies him. The two complement each other well (unlike, say, Brom and Baxa in the Dark Sun books). Love those astral dragons.

Did you get enough of the planes this week? We’re off to some D&D adjacent territory next week…

Sex Lessons (Part 2)

Pairing: Y/N/College!Ashton

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 3.400+

Parts: 1

Summary: Y/N is unaware, not sexually experienced and her best friend Ashton wants to change that and help her the second he finds out.

”Following the death of Socrates, Plato - his student, was rather taught by his wisdom and knowledge. Plato was a philosopher in Classical Greece and the founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world. He is widely considered the most pivotal figure in the development of philosophy, especially the Western tradition.”

Your eyes looked up at the professor in boredom, your jaw slightly hanging while you swung a pencil around on your desk in circles. Your notepad was supposed to be filled with notes but as far as you had gotten, you only managed to practice your name over and over in doodles.

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The Return (Legend of Zelda au)

Hey everyone Mr.E here with my big project i had planned for @starcoweek3 ‘s au you of choice. haha man am I late with this but i hope you all still enjoy it.

So this au is heavily based on the Legend of Zelda’s newest game breath of the wild but I did try to add little jokes and references from the entire series here and there especially a certain well known disguise. 

This one is more serious than usual as Star deals with intense feelings of disconnection and loss as she awakens from a slumber only to find the world is different than she remembered. There is humor and romance but when i first started writing this forever ago, i wanted it to be a reminder that we must always do our best and keep going even in trying, difficult times. it isn’t easy but we can do it and make the world a better place through drive and a determination not to give up.

This means flashback 

That’s it for me, have an amazing day, a great week and stay awesome and remember I believe in you! 

notification squad: @hipster-rapunzel @isolated-frequencies @artgirllullaby @minthia-ren @staryu-l @thefandombytes

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Standing alone: Why I love Lin Beifong

(Spoilers, a very long piece of personal opinions and interpretations, ahead)

Let’s talk about Lin Beifong. And it’s kind of impossible to talk about Lin Beifong without talking about “LinZin”, but that’s the point. I remember her from way back in Season 1 Episode 6, “And the winner is”, when Lin’s voice and eyes soften when she tells Tenzin they are helping each other out at the Pro-Bending finals “like old times”. What a contrast that was, from the anger and coldness we saw from her before. I remember Lin asking Tenzin not to turn back when she jumps onto the Equalist airship for a battle to the death, all so Tenzin’s family has a chance to escape. I remember Lin turning her battle of words with Su to a real battle when Su flippantly brought up Tenzin in their argument. I know everyone has their own interpretation of the show, but I always thought it’s so painfully obvious that Lin hasn’t moved on from Tenzin, and I love LoK for showing us that despite all this, Lin can survive. 

There are too many stories – books, movies, TV shows – that focus on people finding the one, the one true love of their life, who will make their life and happiness complete. But what if the world doesn’t work like that? What if the world didn’t miraculously pair us all off for a happy ending? What are the stories of those people who end up alone for one reason or another? 

I love the “LinZin” story because it’s one of those stories. As far as I can tell, Lin’s separation from Tenzin was not rooted in a lack of love but differences in what they wanted in a future together. Tenzin wanted children. Lin didn’t. Perhaps they have always loved each other, but they won’t be happy together. In the end, they separated to pursue their own paths, and it doesn’t feel fair because Tenzin ends up with the family and Airbender legacy he wanted but Lin is still alone after all these years. And the loneliness bothers Lin. Lin, who withstood having her face scarred and her bending removed with determinedly dry eyes, broken down in tears when Korra reminds her that she is still a bitter, lonely woman. Although that happened during the “Metal Clan” episode, and the loneliness likely referred to Lin’s relationship with her family as well as her past with Tenzin, the fact still stands – Lin is alone, and she doesn’t really want to be. 

Unlike your typical relationship storyline, Lin’s romantic journey doesn’t end with Lin and Tenzin choosing their relationship over everything and everyone else, nor is about Lin resenting Tenzin for finding happiness with Pema, and nor is it about Lin finding love with someone else. It ends with Lin and Tenzin rekindling a friendship that probably defined their childhood, with the children of heroes becoming heroes in their own right, with two platonic friends fighting side by side to save the world. Lin chooses justice, kindness, and not to sacrifice the sense of self she held onto even as it drove her and Tenzin apart. Lin can bear the pain of losing a love, not by denying love or repeating it, but taking the best of it – the understanding, empathy, and camaraderie – and make something good out of that. Even though it takes a long time, Lin finds a place in the world despite her heartbreak. Maybe she will always feel the heartbreak in some parts of her, bur Lin’s life carries on in a meaningful, positive manner, even as she stands alone.   

(Toph and Suyin are no less pivotal figures in Lin’s story, but this post is getting too long as it is.) 

I love Lin’s story because in the end, it ends well even though it isn’t perfect. Her relationship with Tenzin is such a big part of her, yet she has to brave the emptiness and bitterness of being without him. She seems to have so much less, compared to Tenzin. She seems to have it so much harder, compared to Suyin. She ends up alone not because she wants to be alone, but because she didn’t find the right person with whom to share her life. Many villains in fiction have turned to the dark side for less.  And yet for all the horrible hands fate has dealt her, Lin comes out a hero. 

It takes strength to accept and bear the pain that will inevitably enter into our lives. It takes strength to stand alone in a world that focuses so much on the idea of romance and love. But that’s the kind of strength that helps Lin find peace in the world, and I think that’s the kind of strength that allows Lin the clarity to make decisions that make her a hero.