pivot point

Always pivot.

When we note and consider our filter of view, in any situation, we have awareness and the potential to shift our perceptions by changing the lens through which we are perceiving. | sub-Textural | 

the pivot point by subnivean

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Don’t be nice to me.

Rec’d by @yodas-yo-yo who says: This is really short, but it deserves so much more than 59 kudos because it’s absolutely beautiful.

Note: I’m guessing it was the brief summary and lack of tags that had people passing it by before? But don’t let that fool you now! It brought tears to my eyes with a single word (you’ll know when you reach it!) Beautiful indeed!

Isaac Marion answers questions about a possible movie adaptation of his new book 'The Burning World' (Warm Bodies sequel).
  • Draquiri: The only zombie movie I've ever loved so I have to ask, will there be more/another movie/s?
  • Isaac: Well this is the Big Question, innit? It's the pivot point my whole life is swinging on right now. It's been in talks for years, and it's gone as far as deals being negotiated, and everyone involved is excited to do the sequel, but the process keeps stalling. I actually have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. I can only assume it's about money, and it's true that The Burning World is a bigger and more intense story and would be a much more challenging adaptation—probably a 150-million-dollar film if they tried to do it literally—but I know Jonathan Levine could find a way to boil it down. I would love to see that crew back together again. I would love to see their take on this story. I really hope it happens.
  • Wolffairy12: Will Nicholas Hoult be in this one too?
  • Isaac: If there IS a "this one" then he would certainly have to be in it. If they recast the main character, we are in seriously depressing straight-to-video territory...
  • jon_hobbit: You gonna make the movie?
  • Isaac: Am I personally going to make the movie? No, I am just a writer guy, although I did just co-direct a book trailer that looks pretty damn movie-like and will hopefully be done in time for release day. But I very much hope THEY make the movie. You know...THEM.
Magic hc

I don’t do enough with this but I’ll at least briefly explain it and draw more for it later.

Anyways. So Ace’s magic has a bit of structural property to it. While it usually looks seamless, like a solid stream of aether, it’s actually constructed lines. I suppose you can consider them like fine threads. They naturally cluster and form what looks like solid bolts of energy when on the offensive. It’s the easiest, quickest way to form them. However, that’s only the most basic of it.

Ace has a much finer mastery over his magic. And can create small particles along the ‘threads’ that act as anchoring points or pivots. From there, the aether threads can turn at any angle. Forming into bends, or even full polygons. With focus, Ace can essentially construct geometric shapes. Since they’re magic, they’re mostly intangible save for the bright light and heat they give off. Since they typically aren’t as concentrated as say a bolt (like mystic shot), they generally don’t hurt and aren’t used for any sort of combat unless being made to create a broader surface area to propel aether from (like trueshot barrage).

This probably isn’t new or revolutionary given that I’ve stolen it straight from Ezreal’s kit. Look at the image for his passive, rising spell force. It’s just that Ace’s is much neater, a cleaner set of connecting 'threads.’ Ezreal’s bow forms in the same manner during the channel for his ult. It’s exceedingly rare that Ace would ever be in combat long enough to resort to something like trueshot barrage, but it is much the same with a unique, aether constructed bow.