Best Friend vs Best Friend

“What’s up guys (Y/C/N) here and today we are doing best friend vs best friend but (Y/N) you don’t have anyone with you” 

As you said this Ethan and Grayson jumped into frame with you squishing you between them. 

“SOOO the purpose of this challenge is basically to find out who knows more about me but if you have watched me for a while you know that I don’t like simple tags so I’ll let Grayson explain what we have prepared for today” 

You giggled while looking at Grayson’s expression because he looked like a deer caught in head lights 

“Ahh yes yes so both of us will have a buzzer sound and whoever says it first will answer and until one of us gets it right we will keep trying and the person that gets it wrong gets a forfeit you guys sent in” 

You and Ethan nodded before you spoke up again. 

“Now I will leave the frame because I want to make sure this is a fair fight” 

You got up and walked to the chair located behind the camera while smirk 

Let the games begin you thought. 

“So guys ready ?” 

“I was born ready (Y/N)” Ethan yelled

“Ok ok so first question what’s my favorite movie ?” 


“Ethan answer” 

“The Pirates of the  Caribbean “ 

“Wrong tho it’s a really good franchise” 


“Grayson your guess is ?” 


“That’s … CORRECT” 

Grayson cheered while Ethan groaned thinking about his future 

“So the first forfeit is simple I get to tweet something out of your account” 

“How the hell is that simple (Y/N) you’re probably going to say I got someone pregnant” 

You bursted out laughing because he thought you were that mean 

“No don’t worry I’m not that much of an idiot” 

He handed you the unlocked phone with twitter ready. 

You quickly thought about your sentence and wrote it and handed the phone to Ethan 

“What did you write (Y/N/N) ?” 

“I’m not going to tell you. But let’s get right back to the game. Ready?” 

They both faced the camera making weird faces and nodding 

“So the next question is : Who is my celebrity crush ?” 

Shit. That’s the only look you could describe in the boys faces. 


“Grayson yes” 

“Leonardo Di Caprio” 

“Shit I didn’t remember that one but no.” 


“Grayson again” 

“Dylan O’Brien” 

“Wrong again Ethan you wanna take a go ?” 


“Chris Evans” 

“Damn you’re answering some good ones but no” 

You giggled at the desperate faces on the boys 


That was your breaking point you fell down the chair laughing so hard tears were streaming down your face. 

“Will you let me answer” 

“Yes Ethan you may answer “ 


“That’s correct” 

Grayson looked scared for his life in you made eye contact with him

“Grayson Grayson Grayon your forfeit is… Ethan can you give me a drum role please ?” 


“You need to take a shot of olive oil mixed with soy sauce” 

Ethan was basically losing it at this point and just disappeared from the frame while Grayson was doubting his choices of friends.  

In the middle of all the fuss you prepared the shot and walked back to Grayson with a bucket in your hand. 

Sitting down you quickly handed him the “strong scented drink” 

“Ready BOYYYY!” 

“Yeah yeah the most ready I’ll ever be” 

Walking away from him you and Ethan took cover while he downed the entire thing. 

For a couple of minutes everyone was quiet but all of the sudden Grayson had his head inside the bucket spilling out his guts. 

Ethan decided to play the role of a good brother and got a water bottle while you patted the younger twin on the back. 

A while later almost all the questions had been answered and both twins were tied. 

“So you both are the best friends from the results but it can only be one winner so the last question for the worst forfeit is Whose lane am I on?” 


“Ethan buzzed first” 

“You are on (Ethan’s/Grayson’s)” 

“That’s correct” 

“So that means that Grayson your last forfeit is that you have to make a tweet admiting to one of your kinks” 

Grayson groaned while you came back to the middle of the twins waiting for Grayson to send the tweet . 

“So guys this was the video for this week I hope yous guys enjoyed it and if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe and all of those stuff but more importantly don’t forget to go down to the description to subscribe to these lovely boys because they are truly amazing and super genuine guys” 

You turned of the camera while the guys sat down on the couch making small talk. You turned around and stared at them thinking about the fact that you were so lucky to be friends with someone like those two. 

(Y/C/N) means youtube channel name 

(Y/F/M) means your favorite movie

(Y/C/C) means your celebrity crush


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