pity the fox

I just finished watching the live stream for produce 101 and jesus christ I was bawling my eyes out the entire time :(( To the fallen trainees, thank you so much. You all have worked so hard.

Asgore  and Toriel , and sans toriel only make sense as grandma grandson relationship(major spoilers)

Friend pointed stuff out to me again.(Thanks for that, I really need a wake up slap in logic quite a bit of times and sorry for being difficult!)

Disclaimer:  I know I should let people have their fun, but imo I’m not fond of people pairing two characters in the game without actually considering whether they work out or not in terms of personality, and sourcing a lot from the game. (for those that tried, I admire you very much!<3)

Then again, not everyone knows or tries to search about psychology, MBTI, marriage counselling or love stuff(or anything related) or have an extremely talented friend who studies these and help.

At the very least, I hope these help! :D

P.S Crack pairings are another thing. It’s just crack XD

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part-timepuff  asked:

Mint + Went down in history

Mint’s story would twist and evolve into a classic rags-to-riches tale, which goes something like this:

Long ago, there was a pair of knights who had a family together. The two knights had three young daughters, the youngest was a little baby still. Unfortunately, the place where they lived fell under attack when a king had heard that the child of a knight would slay him, and all the knights were killed and their children left to die.

The eldest and middle daughters were taken in by a wanderer and witch, while the third daughter was lost to the wilderness. Thankfully, a mother fox who had lost her kits came across the daughter, and took pity on her. The fox raised the youngest daughter  in the woods until some hunters found her instead. They took the daughter in and taught her how to hunt with a bow. She was as swift as the wind, and her arrows never missed their targets.

One day, a proclamation went out that the Prince was ready to be wed, and that the young maidens of the land were to compete and prove their worth to him. The youngest daughter went to compete, and soon came face to face with her sisters! Above all odds, she was able to surpass her middle sister’s magic and her eldest sister’s pike, but it wasn’t over yet.

Now, she had to prove her skill against the Prince, if she could best him, she would win! The two were tested in an archery range. The Prince managed to get bulls eyes, but the youngest daughter always split his arrow right down the middle. Finally, it was the last target. Unexpectedly, she was told to shoot first. Everyone had their eyes on her as she drew her arrow, the king especially.

Finally, she released the arrow. Unfortunately, this was the one and only time she missed, and the arrow sailed over to the king and buried itself in his heart, killing him. Silence washed over the field before the crowd sprang up in joy! Everyone was conspiring to take down the ruthless king, but the wayward arrow did the job for them! The youngest daughter was wed to the Prince and named a Princess, and then promptly a Queen. She knighted her sisters, and was beloved by the kingdom, living happily ever after.

Basically, it’s a hybrid of Cinderella/Romulus and Remus/and Atalanta.

Happy birthday, Fox, from Al and I. We decided to make you a fancy new coat to keep you warm, since the cold weather doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. Hope you enjoy it,

xo Fidget

Fox’s eyes shone brightly as he clutched the coat to his chest. “Its perfect!” He slipped it on, pushing his arms through the sleeves and spinning to show off the new looks. “I love it! Oh it is warm, my metal is already holding the heat!” He took Al in a tight hug, slowly setting her on the ground. Turning to Fidget and taking him in an equally tight hug. “BENJI! WHAT DO YOU THINK?” He yelled back to his room.

Smokes groaned from the couch, pressing  a bottle of water against his overheating forehead. “… no yelling… ass…”

“… please…” Jimmy whined in an equally pitiful state.

Fox only laughed. “Seems I was the only one who didn’t get wasted. NEW HIGH SCORE!” He screamed, throwing both arms in the air to echoing sirens of his brothers cries of pain.