pitty love rescue

Today I get to pick up this little peanut, Marilyn and take her to the vet. Since we’ve gotten her her eye infection has cleared but her third eye lid still hasn’t retracted all the way and she’s having some other issues with her eyes as well. I’m hoping for the best news and prognosis for her and I am so happy and excited I get some one on one time with this little sweetheart today. She’s getting so many kisses!

  Guys… I’m in trouble. I’m totally in love with Nina and want to keep her. Her and Boris get along so well and I just love how affectionate she is, she’s already following me everywhere that I go. My only fear is her cat reactivity still. I’m unable to gage exactly how serious it is and since I live with other cats not of my own I cannot take that risk without having her evaluated by our rescue’s behavioralist consultant, Sherri Romming. If it’s something that we can work on, I will work on it everyday with her to be able to make her apart of our family. If not, that just means she’s meant for another great family and I am going to do my best to make sure she goes to one.  We can still always have her over to playdates and breaks if her foster parents ever need it.

  Ugh, I am just so in love with her. I want her so bad.