pitty baby

Signs as Melanie Martinez Songs
  • Aries: Cake
  • Taurus: Mrs. Potato Head
  • Gemini: Teddy Bear
  • Cancer: Pity Party
  • Leo: Play Date
  • Virgo: Milk and Cookies
  • Libra: Soap
  • Scorpio: Pacify Her
  • Sagittarius: Training Wheels
  • Capricorn: Alphabet Boy
  • Aquarius: Mad Hatter
  • Pisces: Cry Baby

already cried about pitty’s new babies yesterday.
They are a large alien species called Purgatorian Whippet (designed by Sa-athirasWynd on Deviantart). They are in fact so large, even pitty can ride them into battle :V
They are named Brutus (the yellow one) and Nero (the light blue one), right after Madame Medusa’s crocodiles in The Rescuers. The last drawing is also a redraw of one of the scenes in this movie :V (i’m on mobile rn so i unfortunately can’t post the original here)

As you can see Melody wasn’t very fond of them at first and pitty already was head over heels lD but Mel got used to them pretty fast. They can be huge puppies who drool a lot (especially Brutus).